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God damn, going to slowly!!

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I lost this past 2 / 3 weeks 20 pounds. Really I dont understand it, why is this going so slowly :mad: I start eating at 5 pm, when I'm back from work, just some soup. Than we have dinner, going to the toillet and throw up. Than again nothing. Use 2 diet pills a day, walk 3 hours a day. Really why is this going so slowly :mad: Do I need to eat less, use more diet pills, more excercise. Probaly more excercise, but I fucking hate that :mad: God damn, maybe I will just take 3 pills a day and eat less :mad: Ok ok I'll do some excercises before bed time :dry: Fucking hell I need to loose this fat, I look so awfull, horrible, blegh :puke:
Uhm..ok..relax blub, see it on the positive sight, you're not gaining anymore and you havent had the past 2 weeks a binge attack. But still you're fat, you're ugly, you're fat, a loser, you're fat, you do everything wrong, you're fat, act normal, you're fat, go throw up, you're fat, you lazy ass, you're fat, you're fat, look at you, you're fat, iew, you're fat, no one wants you, you're fat, fat, fat, fat. Sorry, this is just going through my mind all day long for the last 8 years. I say worser things than that, but its better if I dont say that. What the fuck am I rambling about. Its probaly really vague if you read this. So you dont have to answer. I just needed to tell this. I should make a blog or journal, instead of this :dry:
Fuck... I'm such a loser


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Blub, you need to be rational about it. What happens when you starve yourself? Your metabolism goes down, and then your body stores. Watching what you eat and excercise is enough.

You are probably fucking your body all up and making it harder to lose weight.

The best way to lose weight IMO is to do a little weight training. But eat normally just cut out the junk.

Your metabolism needs to function if you want to lose weight and keep it off!

WHen you starve yourself, you are ensuring that it will come right back.

Dont do this Blub! NOTHING good can come of it.


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Going to re-iterate what Bob just said. The body automatically slows itself down when it doesn't get enough nutrients so that it can live off what it has stored. Animals do this all the time when they hibernate.

Starving means a low to zilch metabolic rate. Diet pills will give you a heart condition, starving will give you a heart condition (low potassium levels cause heart attacks).

You could be eating all day and still lose weight. Salads (no dressings), fruit and lots of it. At least one protein a day i.e make one of the salads a chicken salad.
Don't cut out all fat your body needs a little of it to absorb vitamins.

Aerobic exercise..yeah I know an absolute bore!!! but it really burns the calories.

If you continue to starve, aside from the health dangers, the minute you go back to eating normally you will pile on more weight than you had before because your metabolic rate is fucked.

Please hun try for a sensible eating plan and reasonable exercise regime.

ps: Get the book 'You are what you eat' People have lost massive amounts of weight on this diet and felt and looked wonderful while doing it.


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Okay, I know ALL the risks...I work for the fucking medical profession and as much as it's wrong to tell you how to lose the weight I think the way I'm doing it is healthier than you are doing it.

First off,eating in the evening...biiiig no no. Eat a bigger breakfast....something at lunch (with protein)and nothing after 6pm. Try and carry on your xercise everyday. Also, once a week try and eat loads less than normal and once a week try and eat at least 1000 cals...this tricks your metabolism. Try and eat mostly veg n fruit.....some protein and a few carbs.

Diet pills....make sure they're herbal, not full of speed.....take a multi vitamin each day and get lots of sleep. Also drink plenty of water.

This way isn;t a quick fix....you cannot do this and then eat normally...you have to commit to this way of eating for 80% of the time at least.

and that "you are what u eat" book...don;t bother.....you'll break your bank trying to afford everything in there.
I just want to say sorry to bob and dev :hug:
Wasnt a really nice reaction from me
You both mean a lot to me, I'm really sorry :cheekkiss
And I guess I have to change a few things
to be somewhat healthier
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