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God damn it what's wrong with me

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I keep getting bright flashes like camera flashes across my vision, pain in my right hip, headaches, stumbling over and slurring my words without drinking and my memory is worse than ever.

Mel x


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You should see a doctor or mabey a optometrist once you are having light flashes. If there is a problem with your eyes that could cause the headaches because my left eye is messed up so im dizzy and have had a headache for almost 2 weeks now.... but i dont think it would cause slurred speech. I would say go to doc then see if he wants to send you to the optometrist.

See a doctor hun.. could be your eyes or something else, if you don't get it checked out it could get worse. Pleas get it checked out and keep us posted so we don't worry. Listen to your big sister!!! :wink: :hug:


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Hey pal, please let us know how you make out at the docs....I would definately go as soon as you can....can never be to safe.....will be thinking of you...:hug:


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Mel, have you made an appointment, if not , I suggest you do it today, it's best to see the doc while you still have symptoms.
Whatever the cause, ths needs to be checked out.

:hug: Hazel xx
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