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God i could scream!!!!!

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I wont go into the whole thing but my two oldest children are living with my dad and his bitch of a wife. Well theyve been there 4 years. Ive been trying to find a way to get my kids back, never having enough money to be able to get a lawyer to do an interstate case. I live in TX they live in OK. Anyway i sent some pics to the kids of Sara their baby sister whom theyve only seen once. (shes 1) and I get this nice little email from the Bitch from hell saying "Leave us alone, the kids dont want pictures of Sara, stop pushing her on them" etc. So i email her back lying saying As long as they have my children i will never leave them alone, and that i hope God forgives her for who and what she is and heres the lie part of it, they would hear from my lawyer soon enough and thanks for yet more proof of what your doing. I know I shouldnt have lied, but i wanted to piss her off!!!!! I hate that woman!!!!!! I need to hit the lotto so i can get a lawyer and get my kids back. Yeah like that will ever happen.

Im going between very depressed and very mad about this.
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