God is a sadistic bastard

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    Why else would life suck this bad? I'm not saying he isnt real, hes just an asshole who likes to make life as hard as possible for people and laugh his fucking ass off as the human race struggles through life. They say god is loving and merciful, but anyone with half a brain could see he just likes to watch his sick little game he made, and we're the players, all vying to be all righteous and worthy of entering his little elite club in the sky. pff, fuck that. He's probably sitting there right now, laughing as little kids are starving to death in Africa, innocents getting maimed and killed in the Middle East and Africa. All things stem from god, including war and suffering. He just threw in happiness and anything positive to keep us satisfied and to avoid having the entire human race kill themselves, because that means he has to stop his little game and make another one. I accept that conventional war is unavoidable, just look at my signature, but Iraq and Afghanistan is just not right. People blowing themselves up in crowded areas to get their 72 virgins in the afterlife isnt war. thats insanity. God is great? God is an asshole, and I hate the fuck.
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    Hi Frank, I havent spoken to you before, so welcome to SF :)

    Unfortunately I have no great words in response to your thread. I don't believe in God, partly for some of the reasons you have explained, and partly because of personal reasons, so I don't think I'm competent enough to respond, however I just wanted to let you know I have read your thread and I understand how you are feeling.

    Hopefully other, more able, people will be able to give a better response.
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    it depends wether any of them can see the truth and take the time to read it. but hey. faith can be good, for causing the illusion that ones is loved by a greater power.
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    im sorry, that was uncalled for, I've had a bad day.
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    I read your post Frank - I disagree - but as your sig puts it - Shit happens. I'm not going to try and argue the toss over this - I'm still on my spiritual journey and anyone who claims to have all the answers in faith I believe has missed the point.
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    I'm not saying I have the answers in faith, far from it. In reality, I was having such a shitty day i just had to vent a bit. Most days I have so much respect for people with faith, but I believe that faith is simply a gift I have yet to receive. It's just hard for me to see all the shit that goes on in the world and then go to church with my parents every now and again and listen to how god loves us all. I dont really mean what I said in the original post, I was just having a terrible day and I had to let it out.