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god what a mess

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ok so if you guys knew who i was id get yelled at by many so ill do it anonmously

i stopped taking my meds cos they made me feel numb

deep down i know i worse for it but my friends started self harming and im beating myself up for not feeling it. its hard to explain i know i dont like it but im kinda numb to it yet in thinking of going bk to it ive a history of cutting and overdosing i dont wanna fall back in but without my meds i feel it all again yet i dont wanna feel numb no more i wanna be able to express myself again.

oh god help me im so bloody fucked up


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well Im the pot calling the kettle black when it comes to medication management....but do talk to your doc soon...side effects could also be medical..not just psychological...all depends on meds and how long you been on them..blah..blah...blah...but do get help....its ok to want to be off your meds...but do it with your doc...not alone....let him/her taper you off the proper way...tell them why you want off too...dont be shy...hope you feel better soon....


i work to much to even talk to doc at mo anyhow. lifes completely fucked you all think im fine doing great i just cant seem to say the truth anymore


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im sorry hun, you feel so bad. perhaps you want to make some time in order to talk to your doc again. i dunno who you are, but i care about you and it is usually not a good idea to stop the meds all of a sudden.
thinking about you,
lots of love,


its funny the only people responding know me well just not how bad things are. i cant afford time off for a doc and im still not taking my meds and to top it all ive dun my back in today so im in agony


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Hey hun i dont know who yo9u are either sorry.

But i just wanted to say im sorry your having such a hard time.Medication never helped me much.im not any presvribed medication for my problems now but i know it can help some pelople a lot and as someone posted above [apologises not sure who] medication is generally not best to suddenly come off of.

im sorry your having to work so hard too but please dont forget to look after your health too.

Please give that some consideration.

One last thing i dont know if i know you or not but i jsut w\aznted to say i never assume any of my friends are fine even if they dont say they are not.

i knkow too much how hard it is to speak out to make assumptions like that......oh and i wouldnt yell at you either.i can see why you might worry about that and i might worry aobut you greatly if i knew but what would yellling at you achieve for either of us.YOu dont need more problems than youve already got,Ultimately the choice about the medication is yours,i have no right to try adn tell you what to do and as a friend i see my role as trying to be there for you whatever choices you may make.Not to judge you or yell at you or make you make choices you dont wish to.

i might care but yelling at you is not what i would do.
You do need to talk with the doc about stopping your meds. It is not something to be taken lightly. I know you are busy with work and are afraid of taking any more time off, but if you do not take the time you need perhaps you will soon be unable to work. You need to take care of yourself hun. It is very important that you do this. I am not going to yell at you. I just want you safe. Think about it hun. Please. :hug:


love ya all beret jodi kath and corrina but im just getting so sick of not knowing where the hell i stand with myself anymore.

people look and say i have it all now i once thought things would be ok when i got my job and stuff but how wrong could i really be im sick of pretend thing can be normal....
I don't think anyone knows for sure where they stand with themselves, so you are not so different than most.

As for people looking and thinking you have it all because you have a job, i am not so sure about the validity in that. Many people that are struggling here have a full time job, yet they have no more than anyone else. Sometimes they have less. It is not a competition as to having things means feeling better. That does not make us "normal". What is normal anyway? It is whatever we perceive it to be. You do not need to pretend with us. Be who you are and ask for the support you need. We are here for you. :hug:


wish i knew who i am now cos im struggling with that but thanks for the input hun. as for the job this its sed from peoples reactions if i mention it and the hours i work but thing are shit


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Just wanting to send you some of my specialty (((((((BIG SQUEEZES))))

and to let you know its ok to be who you are, screw those people who dont accept you for that, just because you have a job doesnt make all your problems dissapear....we care for you....and want to see you feeling better!!!
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