God, why do you keep torturing me?

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  1. whitehand

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    FUCK. Why am I so different? Ever since I was born, I felt... and I were, different. I dont understand my emotions. Im still nervous without any reason. People dont understand me. Im all alone in this whole world. Only death can help me. Death, Im coming... soon. I guess thats the only way how to wake up of this nightmare... This is not life. It is what it is. I wont change it. I dont have energy on it. Im just tired of every day fighting my social phobia and depression. I think it was enough. See you all... in hell! Yes, thats where Im going. I know it. Fuck you god.
  2. total eclipse

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    I think time to call psych doctor and get more help time to change meds if they are not working for you get more therapy different therapy okay lots of help out there just have to find it okay take care
  3. Daphna

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    I'm sorry you feel that way. I was always set apart from birth too. I too used to share your attitude, but my attitude changed when I learned the truth for myself. You can overcome these obsticles. Just have faith, and trust that everything will work out. Tackle to problems head on and see what can be done. You never have to do it alone. There are many ways to find the help you need. Physical and spiritual.Hang in there! Blessings..
  4. Soul of a Dragon

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    Come on, give us a chance. Can we at least hear your life story? Might be a good read.