Goddamn her

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  1. aoeu

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    My closest friend won't lift a finger to save her goddamn life. I don't know what to do. I'm trying to get her to complete high school which is a goal of hers... but she won't even try and she's just going to continue being miserable and talking about suicide.
  2. total eclipse

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    it is so hard when someone you care for is so deep in darkness that they don't hear your pleas i know how you feel. You have to walk away okay be there if want to talk but there is nothing you can do but take themto get help andit is up to them to accept it or not. don't let their sadness draw you in that is what they want someone with them when they go down don't okay you look after you now and your friend needs to look after themselves okay please stay strong for you
  3. aoeu

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    Well, I gave her some gentle prodding and it worked. Not only is she working to complete the course she was taking by correspondence, she's trying to get back into a regular high school so she can go to university next year. She's even looking into available financial aid already! :D
  4. Daphna

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    HalleluYah, just do not give up on her, and know that you are only human. It is ok if you get stressed in these situations. Blessings..