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    i started cutting at the age of 12, was raped by my step brother btwn the ages of 9 to 11, been in and outta psych wards since i was 14, and im just healing from getting hit by a car while crossing the street that left me unconcious...but ive grown to stop cutting often, i havent had a long stay in a psych hosp in 6 yrs, im an emt and im getting married to my fiance of 6 yrs soon...so ur probably thinkng "she seems to have it all y is she on here?" well i have bipolar, BPD, and PTSD...i go thru alot everyday dealing with my moods...but since the accident that left me with a broken nose, broken teeth, fractured cheekbone and a torn ACL, ive been thinking y me? y is this all happening to me? wat did i do?[/COLOR]
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    That's a hell of a lot to deal with. Can your fiance help at all?
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    You did not do anything some days you think god if one more thing happens ahahahahha but i am glad you are getting medical help you need. Thankfully you were not killed. I hope you heal quickly and you and your finacee have a beautiful wedding Try to concentrate on that okay although being in pain it is hard but concentrate on good things to come. take care
  4. baby in distress

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    thank god i have a fiance thats willing to help but unfortunutly he also suffers from mental issues...we work together to help each other and all i can think of is to take one step at a time...thank u both for the reply...