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Goin to college :D

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In the hope of moving forward with my life i decided a while back that i was going to go back to college and actually get some qualifications. I decided on subjects and everything but then hit a bit of a problem, becuase i am currently pregnant i needed a college that had some kind of child care attached. There is only one college near me that has a nursery and wen i rung them they sed they only had 6 places for babies under 1 so i may not get a place for my child. Anyway i found out today that i am gonna get a place for him :biggrin: AND to make it even better, because i will b 19 wen i start college in september i can get a grant called "care to learn" which will give me about £5,000 towards the nursery costs :biggrin: I'm so happy. Everything is finally falling into place!!
Take care everyone
Awww! I'm happy for you! I am glad things are falling into place for you. It's a great feeling to find a post where someone is doing and feeling better. It gives hope. So many people make posts about bad things that are going on, but not too many people share the good things that are happening. Thank you for sharing this. Not only does your thread give hope but also so happy for you hun!!! :hug: :hug: :hug:
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