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Going Away for a while...

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I'm not going to be around for the next week. I don't think I will be able to get online anyway. Not sure.

Can't say I am looking forward to going. Especially when I feel like this. I am still planning my own death. Maybe this week will improve things, but, I have a feeling it may make things worse. I would rather be on my own so I can get my plans right, but I was kind of coerced in to going.

I kind of have a plan set up now. A date where by I can try again. I think it may work considering I came so close last time. It just needs tweeking a bit.

I am not telling anyone about the plan. If I do it will make things worse for me.


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Could you be a bit more specific for us GoldenPsych?

If you are staying with people who you trust 100% and who will look after you - then that's fine.

Going away to 'let your hair down' right now - I think its more respite which you need. That said, if you are with people you trust who can watch over you when partying - it is worth a go sometimes. I'm not sure you are ready for that just now - but, what do I know?

If you have taken the decision to go into hospital then that is a lot better than staying at home.

You don't say much about your parents either. I mean that is a private thing for many - but would they let you stay a week? I'm sure they would. But I don't know if you have shared with them. This should be done.

Anyhow - I don't think you'll listen to me. I get like that sometimes - and its something I try to stay on top of. I mean - like Sam saying you ought to talk to the people you actually know! Even if its just talking with friends or a friend, or your mum perhaps?

Women on the forum ought to swap numbers - chat a little - although sure its hard unless you have home phone as mobiles are too expensive unless your on the same network.

Anyhow, I wish you well - I always do - but like others here I worry about you.

Your blog is all about you when you are down - but you open up when you are feeling OK and talk about other things.

I really hope we see this part of you again here. I mean, aside from the dark side you have - you have a LOT of potential also.

Don't waste that talent you have.

Hope you come back feeling in better spirits. We reach lows in life - we get better, things happen and al kinds of events can make you feel so much better about yourself, life and other people.

So take care - and let us know what is happening if you can manage to get some internet.

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