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    HELP ME!!!!

    I've been off work with depression/stress/self harming/OD'ing, the list goes on, for over a year. They are making me go back. I had to go see my manager yesterday and she was REALLY nice which helped me feel a bit better. But as she is so too faced She is supposed to be calling me today with the details of the doctors appointment I have to go to in Nottingham. She SEEMED to be happy to do anyrthing to get me back to work. She knows all about my self harm and suicidal thoughts, and I asked if I could work with my best mate there for a while to begin with, if I could start off part-time and if I could be kept off the shop floor to begin with, and she said it was fine. But I know what it will be like when I get back there. There are some people there I HATE. I have been off for SO long. I'm scared about going back.

  2. Terry

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    Can't you just quit Sam and go on disability for a a bit. God knows you've had a bucket load to deal with and your doc should be able to support your claim.
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    i ave been on disability allowance. my doctor now refuses to give me another sick note. oh, and i know i posted it in another thread, but my uncle died last night :(
  4. Terry

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    Good Lord Sam :eek:hmy: so sorry to hear it :sad: :hug:
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    sorry to hear all that sam. i hope you can make things work with your job ... or if they become unmanageable, find yourself another employer. it's not worth surrounding yourself with people who make you miserable ... there are ways around that. i hope everything goes well.
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    I know your nervous darling but everything will be okay. Trust me. I'm here for you and ALWAYS will be here for you.

    Love you x