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Going crazy with worry and loneliness :(

My fiance had his fone taken away by his mom. im so deathlyy afraid that shes never going to give it back or that shell forbid him from talking to me or being with me. im also afraid that hell hate me and not want to be with my anymore and that ill never talk to him again and that hes leaving me :....( i cant take this. i love him more thn anything hes the only thing that makes me happy he holds me together and keeps me sane when everything else in my life is going down the drain. without him im falling apart. not being able to talk to him is driving me crazy with worry over wats going to happen :.....( i cant lose the love of my life :......(
It is really not good to have that level of psychological wellbeing invested in another person, especially when young which it sounds like you are.

There's always a chance things won't work, and if they don't it REALLY is not the end of the world.


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If he's the ONLY thing holding you together, you need to work on the rest of your life. Seek help with a psych. It sounds like you may have developed a dependancy on this guy. He might be wonderful, but the pressure of your need may well make things difficult for him unless you take steps to alleviate that. That and, if this guy is all that makes you happy, you need to work on making the rest of your life better. It's fucking hard, but with determination, you can do it.

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