going, going, GONE

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    Need to run, need to hide. My mind is racing so fast I can t seem to catch it. I can t sit still, I stab, maim, bite, scratch knaw, kick, claw, gouge, torture, KILL every fragment of myself. But wait no, what is that? The condition that you would never do ever again...EVER! Being watched, everywhere...in my head or for real? I DONT FUCKING KNOW! Losing my ability to think rationally, logically...I can t stop smiling but NOTHING is fucking funny or good nothing..Why am I freakin' smiling?? The bastards are trying to take away my education..NO FUCKING WAY, it s the only thing I have...the school is trying too...No come so far, can t give it up now...since year 7, i ve been an honours student...now in year in 12, prospective mind for uni..AND THEY RE TRYING TO TAKE IT AWAY!!!! No I will not succumb, you re not taking it away, not again. My mind sure isn t smiling, but I AM! No part of me is smiling, except my nutty face! Fucking sick of the misdiagnosis, the questions, the retelling time over and over again. No wonder people hate psychologists and I want to be one, HA! Well fuck your DSMV, I don t need that shit filled book telling what I do and don t have..JUST FUCKING HELP ME!
    DO YOU THINK IT S FUN BEING PSYCHOTIC? NO IT IS NOT. But at least one thing is clear....Tazzles is a whirl-pool.