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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Cool, Jun 14, 2016.

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  1. Cool

    Cool New Member

    hi guys im cool im 45 m va ive only been out of the hospital a week. i lost everything imcluding my girlfriend of ten yrs my home everything ill be loseing my freedom next week. so ya what can i focus on?
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi and welcome to the forum @Cool I am so sorry for what you are going through, are you going to prison or a psych ward or...? Please elaborate only if you feel comfortable doing so. I wish you all the best, I hope it works out. We are here for you in the meantime.
  3. Cool

    Cool New Member

    just jail i recently got out of the hospital for depression and an overdose i dont think ill get much jail time but i have four driving with out a license charges thats not to bad but i expect at the least ten to thirty days.

    i talked to my x girlfriend some and she did something a suicide attempt her self i convince her to call 911 ill know more tommorrow whats happened i pray to God shell be ok.

    we have now made up but im 170 miles away and got court tommorrow one place two of my court hearings fall on tommorrow so i called one and they are going to reschedule so that might buy me some time.

    im just all mixed up all the drs did was try to treat me with meds but thats not what i need.
    thank you for your reply it helps to talk. thank you very much for careing enough to reply.
  4. otakuwarren

    otakuwarren New Member

    Hi, Cool. When feeling like I'm in a similar situation, I mostly think of the real unfortunate ones — like people in Africa. If you've thought about this the right way, you'll appreciate the things you still have.

    There are much more strategical ways to program our minds. I can't tell you to "hang in there" as that only rubs it in. Instead, focus on acceptance and that feeling of "letting go" — and by letting go, I mean that liberating-yourself kind of feeling (and you're trying to feel this ONLY to compose yourself).

    Accept the situation to filter out those negative thoughts that can't do anything about the situation anyway so you'll have less to think.

    This way of tackling this situation may not apply to every people but there's always a first time for everything.
  5. Cool

    Cool New Member

    thanks im trying court went ok now i go back next month the judge seemed pretty understanding. then i dont go back till sept. i tried calling my gf and her moms cell and got no answer im trying to block it out but im worried shes nof been online sinse last night im guessing she mighta went to the hospital i didnt like the way she was talking i didnt get a bit of sleep but im ok no bad thights but tryin to maintain. and i been taking my meds for the first time i usualy dont but im trying.
  6. Cool

    Cool New Member

    i heard from her finally shes ok now im gona rest i feel so drained from the last few days and events.
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