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  1. I'm sorry for posting again. Tonight is rough. Rough.

    I want to cut. I don't want to cut.

    Will it bring me the release I want? Or will it make me feel ashamed?

    Things are going downhill fast. I got wasted tonight, and now hubby is pissed at me. I think he would rather I offed myself (although he doesn't know I'm considering it, as far as I know). I'm with it now, but not sure what to do.
  2. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Hi. I am really sorry the pain is this great right now. I hope you can find a way not to cut. have you ever tried ice cubes and dark red paint? If you do not have dark red paint for the body maybe you can use ice cubes and red marker. could you try? I hope you can find a way to not cut. And sorry you are in so much pain right now. :hug:

    Sometime soon you may want to consider buying some kids body paint.... or fingerpaints, red and brown. You can mix them and use them ( along with ice) when you are feeling urges again.
  3. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    Being "wasted" will exaggerate some emotions, and it's then, just like a heated argument, where people will say/do things they don't necessarily mean.

    I also honestly do not think that your hubby would rather you did that - have you ever actually sat down and had a clear conversation about this - without him interrupting, and just listening to you?

    Also I'd agree with flowers on how to get around the urges.
  4. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    I totally agree with what unimportant wrote. I wanted to let you know last night that being wasted can really make emotions worse and bring up all kinds of stuff. I also agree with her about your hubby. When we feel the way you describe, most people tend to think their loved ones would not care.... or would be better off.... or even worse, would rather they "offed" themselves. When this honestly is not the truth at all. Drugs and alcohol can augment the fears and pain rather than dulling it. :hug: and another :hug:
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