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Going to get diagnosed


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my mum found out about me being depressed and cutting myself and she wants to take me to the doctors i am going wednesday infact but im worried incase i actually get diagnosed as depressed or something and have to take pills i have been on asthma pumps all my life and hate them i feel so restricted and i dont want to have to take anti-depressents for the rest of my life i was wondering if that would actually happen or would i only have to take them if i need them for a short period as i hate my medication as it is if anyone knows please let me no


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Ultimately it would be your choice.

Often doctors use meds alongside some sort of therapy and they use them to give you the boost you might need.

It is sensible to go to the docs to get some help. If you are not keen on meds then discuss that with him/her and your reasons for that choice. They might suggest you try some light meds for a short period of time, or they might want to rely solely on therapy for a bit.

The bit that confuses me about your post is that you said

'my mum found out about me being depressed'

and later

'im worried incase i actually get diagnosed as depressed'

Which is a contradiction. You sound like you have self diagnosed and you are scared of a formal diagnosis? First off, self diagnosis is not sensible as you could subconsciously mould to fit the symptoms. There are lots of people about (not saying you necessarily because I don't know you) that self harm but are not depressed. Also, if you get a diagnosis, then it enables them to help you in the manner appropriate to you. Try not to be scared of the potential for a diagnosis, but also be aware that there might not be one, it could be emotional issues which are different, but not any less real.

Basically, you are in control of what happens with regards to your meds. Maybe try and discuss them with your mum prior to going so that she understands too.

But there are a place for meds, maybe try not to eliminate them outright.

Take care and good luck


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I'm in my 40's, but was on anti-depressants as a teen, and in my 20's. (for OCD and anxiety) Back then, it was the tricyclic antidepressants. They're still around, and docs can still prescribe them. They just opt for the new, flashy, profitable, SSRI's.

They work. With few side effects.

You might feel really good, confident, like dancing, etc.

As for being on 'em, "the rest of your life"? I am skeptical that anyone needs to be told that. Maybe shrinks do it to cover their behinds. It fits their ideology (not exactly scientific) that the environment plays minimal part and we're all just defective.

But, they sure do help. I read, and believe, that Elavil rewires you, making you less prone to anxiety, even after stopping it (when you've taken it long term).



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Tell the doc how you REALLY feel. Just as you did here. Discuss your avoidance, so they know it is not just fear, but why. Ank Questions!!!!! don't just nod, nod, blank face. Interview the doc just like he is trying to diagnosis you. He cannot treat you if he does not know you.

If you need it long term depends on what your issues are. You may ask for time to think about it. Write down your questions for the doc. take the list. You may just need a small dose. Try not to get too alarmed until you know what you are facing.

Bless you, it is hard thing to do. But at least your mum cares.


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In theory, they should start working after about 3-4 weeks and you stay on them at least 6 months after you feel better. In reality, I don't know anyone who after suffering serious depression hasn't been on them for years. I've been on various ones for over 3 years. :unsure:

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