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going to loose my home-how much more????

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Well, fantastic, as most of you know my nan is really ill right now. Most of you know that I've lived with her since I was like 5 as well.

Just found out that when something happens to my nan not only am I going to loose the only person I truely love and care about...but I am more than likely going to loose my house as well. Something to do with the mortgage not being insured, which apparently means that when my nan goes the building society will sell my nans house to get their money.

How many more things are people going to try to throw at me?? How much more am I supposed to deal with?? Might just give up. Find a hole to crawl into :hiding:


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Check out your legal standing. Building societies can't just chuck you out.
The Citizens Advice will help, I'm losing my home too so know just how you feel.
We lost our home--not under those circumstances but because we were the victims of fraudulent lenders--but I can feel your hurt and pain. It is so hard. Many people don't realize that a dwelling is so much more then a "roof over one's head".

Please know that you are not alone in your pain. I know I am new here but your post immediately caught my eye. It has been 3 years now and I am still hurting over this.

Is there any kind of legal help you can get, perhaps? Please check into any and all avenues that might be able to assist you. I know how it feels; hang in there!
thank you Angel, i agree totally. this is more than just a home. i have been here since i was 5 (nearly 15 years) and my nan has lived here for 46 years. sorry you are still hurting so much xxx

My nan goes for a final meeting with the bank tomorrow (Tuesday).....Fingers crossed?
MY mum asked me to come along which I thought was a step int he right direction....til my nan shouted at her and told her it was HER business NOT mine! :( oh well. x
I hope the meeting with the bank goes okay tomorrow for your nan. Maybe things will work out for the best. One can always hope. You will be in my thoughts tomorrow. :hug:
Ok, so my nan went to the bank today...It's as we thought.

When my nan passes away her 4 children (who have done NOTHING for her) will have to sell the house and split the money between them...THEM, not me...and pay off the bank.

The only way this can be changed is if she makes a will...which is *NOT* going to happen.

So yeah, I will loose my home xx
While my grandparents were still alive, they chose to leave their home to one person. They also did not have a will, but they sold the home to that person for a small amount. In this case it was $1.00. The title was filed and the kids had no say in the house. I don't know if something like this would be possible. It is worth looking into I think.
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