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Going to see a counsellor!

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Im going to see a counsellor, im going to see a counsellor *little girly sing-song voice*

Well guys, mother found out thers a counsellor people from her work and their familes and stuff can see, she came into the bathroom the other day and said "Hey Ally, you asked to see a counsellor a little while ago didnt you.. Do you still want to see someone?" then told me about the pesron with her work.. i wasnt sure and said id keep it in mind.. then last weekend i had a bit of a bad night and i thought about it again... I asked some friends what they thoguht, if i should go.. and they want me to =) So i told her that i would and im going tomorrow at 4:30 =D =D =D

Hopefully this can help me.. im not so sure, and dont really know what to say.. hopefully she will start the conversation and i wont block up..

Well wish me luck guys =D

Ally _%


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Well guys, went today.. It was really good =) And to top that off, i just found out a friend of mine who was really depressed has started seeing a phsycologist!!! YAY =D

We talked about everything.. and im going again in a fortnight coz i have camp next week.. thanks for your support =) Hope this works out =)

Take care, Ally _%

P.S. If im not on next week its coz im on Camp!
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