Going to see a psych - Will they section on 1st Visit?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by downunder, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. downunder

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    I am going to see a psych on Monday for an evaluation and treatment I think?? Work has organised it and is paying for it!!! It is costing them $268.00:biggrin:

    What do I tell the psych? I think if I am too honest and tell them stuff that I post on here I might get sectioned?

    Anybody ever get sectioned on a 1st visit to a psych?

    I am also thinking if they offer me any medication I will take it and save it up for later??????? I am even tempted to say that I have trouble sleeping to get more stuff. I know I shouldn't be thinking like this. But lately cannot stop thinking about methods.
  2. I also have this fear.. I don't go to a phych or a therapist or any of that as I've never really cooperated, but I know I will have to soon if I ever want to try getting on social security. To be honest, I wouldnt mind having a therapist, someone to cry to etc. but a huge fear of mine is that if I were ever honest I would be thrown in a mental ward immediently. So, what to do?

    Has anyone ever been sectioned here for being "honest"? I'd like to know too.
  3. worlds edge

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    Assuming you're in the US and assuming you're actively suicidal and assuming you own up to these feelings? Very possible. Therapists have to be sensitive to lawsuits.

    Don't bother. Most of the stuff they hand out nowadays on an outpatient basis is pretty harmless, as in very difficult to take in a lethal dose.
  4. Damn... so I would most likely get baker acted. I mean, I wouldn't be expressing. "I'M GOING TO KILL MYSELF RIGHT NOW" just that I'm going to kill myself in the future, for such and such reasons... being honest basically. I would still be hospitalized for this even though I wasn't an immediete threat to myself? Our country is fucked.... point blank.
  5. worlds edge

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    I think it also depends upon the therapist, but to be on the safe side say you're depressed as hell but NOT suicidal. Hell, as a group (there're doubtless some exceptions to this) they'll lie to you in a heartbeat, you don't owe them any particular duty of honesty. At least until you feel they've earned it.

    Presuming of course that keeping out of a hosptial situation is what you want. I knew somebody who went the other way once, claiming to be suicidal when they in fact weren't since they wanted to get admitted. They were severely depressed, not suicidal, but figured it would be easier to get an admission if they claimed that. Seemed to work.

    Like everything else in life, its a filthy game made marginally less filthy if you can figure out which buttons of the Big Machine to push.
  6. Susan_G

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    A good psycholigist will send you to a psychiatist if you need meds. a good psychiatrist may start you on something on your first visit.
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  7. downunder

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    I am not in the USA. I'm "Downunder". I was once honest to a guy at work and said I felt like jumping off the top of the building but only walked up one flight of stairs and changed my mind. A week later I got dobbed in to the CAT team but managed to b@#$s my way out of it. At the end the guy said, you are not at risk and you are not depressed nor do you have a mental illness. 2 weeks later I tried an OD.
  8. worlds edge

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    Ah. Well, if the ANZAC countries aren't as litigious as the USA maybe what I said doesn't apply.

    Well, what do you want? :confused: If the idea of an involuntary admission is something you oppose an stating you have serious suicidal thoughts or have engaged in such behavior is something you should probably avoid.
  9. dazzle11215

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    My vote is be honest. It comes down to this: do you want to get better? If yes, tell the truth. If not, don't bother with the psych appointment. Your life is at risk, so it's time to make some serious decisions. You can stress that you don't want to be hospitalized, but you can find out if there are other supports available to you.

    I'm in Ireland, and there is a long waiting list for inpatient beds. I was high risk, and acutely suicidal but still received outpatient treatment. Because I was high risk I got alot of extra supports, like twice weekly meetings with a community psych nurse.

    It took months for me to feel less suicidal and all I knew was that I wanted the pain to end, but had no clue how to get out of the hole I was in by myself. In the end it was worth it. But like I said, you have to want to get better, even if it is only a teeny-tiny part of you that wants it.... tell the truth.
  10. worlds edge

    worlds edge Well-Known Member

    I disagree. If you have suicidal feelings but have no desire to go the inpatient route, at a minimum you should be aware that your honesty can have consequences you'd rather they didn't. As in an involuntary commitment.

    As it is precisely "your life" that you're deciding upon, shouldn't you also consider where exactly it is you plan on spending your time?

    You can "stress" this all you want, but if you're talking about suicide you can and very well may be committed against your will. And, FWIW, one of the biggest predictors of carrying off a suicide is previous unsuccessful attempts, especially in males. So if you fall into that category, it especially behooves you to keep your mouth shut. Unless you want a one way ticket to a place behind doors you have no keys for.

    How many and how serious were your actual attempts? No need to go into great detail, but I can't believe that if you'd seriously harmed yourself and then talked to someone in all seriousness about attempting again that they'd let you out walking around.

    Sure. Like you'll hear it from them. :rolleyes:
  11. Stranger1

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    I agree with Dazzle!! if you want to get better you need to be honest with them. If you are going to bullshit them then why waste your time and theirs. They will more than likely want you to go into the hospital so they can start a med regiment on you. It takes a little of your time. I remember my first trip in I was there for three weeks just to get my meds straight.
    It is better to go in voluntary, because if you are baker acted you have to go thru a judge. Then when you are about to get out you have to go in front of the judge again to determin if you are stable and out of crisis. It is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. The staff here at our hospital are all very kind to clients. If you have a problem, tell one of the floor techs that you need to speak to someone. If someone is bothering you same thing tell a tech and let them handle it.
    It is up to you. You are the only one who can determin what you want. If you are thinking suicide then you need to go to the hospital and tell them everything. And no they aren't going to give you meds that you can use to harm yourself. If you need to talk then PM me and I will get back to you if I am logged out. Good Luck and I hope you make the correct decission.:chopper:
  12. StangerInAStrangeLand

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    I'm in the USA and have had suicidal thoughts and planning (for the future, nothing immediate) - my psychiatrist and psychologist didn't lock me up for feeling suicidal or planning for the future (thanks to dazzle11215 for recommending I be honest with my psych people).

    I have been locked up before - but that was when I was actively trying to kill myself. I doubt that you'll be locked up if you tell them that your just planning and thinking about it. If you say you are going to commit suicide or are going to go through with a plan in the near future they will probably hospitalize you for their own legal protection. Honesty is the best policy though - no matter whats going on - as you can get so much more resources and help if your psych people know what exactly is going on.

    My psych. people have figured out solutions and ways I can survive without having to die - they also have helped me see things which I could not see while I was suicidal.
  13. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    Over my lifetime? 3 attempts. Recently? A psychotic episode, an attempt, and a diagnosis of bipolar. The only time they offered hospitalization was during a hypomanic episode and that was just to let the meds kick in. Yes, that's right. They *offered* hospitalization and I declined. Ireland's model is based on community treatment, figuring that with the proper supports you are better off at home than in the hospital. I am happy I went the outpatient route; daily, then weekly checkin with the community mental health nurse; weekly, then monthly psych appointments; outpatient programs at the hospital. In my case, being honest did not mean giving up my rights. Guess I was lucky. What was your experience?
  14. Ignored

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    I've had both experience. I've always been honest... they've mostly offered me the opportunity to go into hospital which I declined and they didn't force it even after od's. Then last time I went they did force me in after I was honest about my intentions. Not sure what I'd do in the future now! :unsure:
  15. downunder

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    I am not sure what "Baker Acted" is? Over here you don't have to go before a judge to be released.

    I am going because the doctor at work, told me to go, my other option was to go through the redeployment area, and if they don't find you another job in the department you lose your job.

    Hopefully this psych isn't as bad as the counsellor I saw last week.
  16. Event_Horizon

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    I have had the experience of voluntary and involuntary. The differences between the two are significant that should I have a choice I would go voluntarily. On my first out pouring of suicidal ideation I was told, “This is progress.” I am assuming because I was talking about it. I was given medication, a follow up appointment, crisis numbers and the number to a counsellor.

    But I am a Brit so it may be different for you. Here it is all about 'care in the community' the latest buzz word from the government. Which basically means being treated in your own home. Also known as the cheapest possible option. Hope that helps.
  17. LetItGo

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    I live in Aus, and ive had experience with Psychs. If its clear during the course of your visit that suicide is an issue for you, they may ask you to rate the "possibility" you will take your own life from 1 - 10. Its honesty based. Obviously if you answer 8, and the Psych is pretty convinced it is likely, they will suggest you put yourself in, if they are trully worried about you they do have the authority to get you forceably locked up. It can happen. They wont just take your answer into account, they will take the entire session into account, any previous attempts, your body language etc.

    Having you forceably sectioned is a last resort, and only if they are seriously concerned for your welfare.
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  18. bjoern

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    Sorry for my english...

    The first time I was called in to an psych i was almost dragged in to thier office. I was forced to talk, and the man said that he was going to tell my parents, and he forced me into his car (Not forced like touching, I just had to follow) dont to the doctor. They said that i as going to see an psych, and I had no choise.

    So now I have lied a lot to get away from those people, and they think I'm all normal and fine, but thats long aay from the truth, I want to kill myself every day, and I hurt myself.

    So, what is that helping me? is it normal to drag suicidal people willingly into an office to talk.

    They also say that they have to appease (right word?), but they dont, they treat me like shit, and they make me worse. And this is true.

    Someone who have had this kind of treatment?
  19. Random

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    I haven't had any experience with the mental health field but in my experience with regular hospitals and doctors, it really all depends. They're unpredictable. Some may be friendly, laid back, helpful and so on and some may be a bunch of anal jerks. You probably cannot count on knowing exactly how things will go based upon past experiences or the experiences of others.
  20. downunder

    downunder Well-Known Member

    I saw her today and she was really good. My advice to anyone is that if you are seeing a counsellor that you don't like, or makes you feel worse, dump em and run!!!

    Whilst in the waiting room I was tearing up a little. While I was in there I said I had self harming thoughts, then she delved a bit deeper and admitted to one attempt that I know the CAT team have on record.

    She asked about me fasting admitted to one or two days fasts but not to the 15 day fast that I have done.

    When she asked what keeps me going, said I didn't know, I didn't say because I haven't found a good method yet.

    She said she I wasn't the classic case of depression, it was hard for her to tell the difference between grief and depression. She said I came across very happy and cheery. I tend to be able to see the funny side of things. Even when I made an attempt once, in my letter I made an apology to the doctor I had just seen for not keeping the undertaking.

    She was 100 times better than the lady I saw two weeks ago.