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Going to treatment for Bulimia

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I leave my "home" (I'm pretty much homeless, but staying with a friend) in Florida to go to treatment in California in two weeks (hopefully-- my STBX husband is making this difficult as he is trying to push this divorce but I need to be on his insurance to get this treatment, I hope we can figure it out) and I've been suicidal and self-injuring recently and I'm really hoping to make it through these next few weeks as relatively unscathed as possible. I don't know where I'm going with this really, just looking for advice and support for getting through these next few weeks as I'm under a lot of stress and trying to just be ok...

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Glad to see you are staying at a friends hun and i hope you husband can see light to leave you alone until after your treatment is done If he can't reach you to sign papers then you will still be covered under his insurance I hope get all the support you need and deserve hun hugs to you


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Also so glad you will be getting treatment. That is so brave and so wise...best of everything to you and please keep us posted when you can


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The fact you're going to treatment is awesome.

Best advice is to be elusive, like the scarlett pimpernel, then you wont have to sign amything yet. This is if he keeps pushing. Hopefully he will realise you need this and lay off a bit!

Good luck!


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Hey hun. It really hope your ok these next fews weeks. I'm really glad you're seeking treatment and I wish you the best
Glad you're getting help now and not putting it off. I've been bulimic for over 30 yrs now, but alcohol and drugs were my 'real' problem. It's all the same. Now that I'm clean and sober (6 &1/2 yrs) I'm back to using food as a fix...and it keeps me stuck, not growing, not truly healing. I wish you the best on your stay, soak it up and try to surrender. It will make a world of difference in your future. Peace!


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If you don't mind, can you tell us how it went? I'm bulimic and things have gotten worse lately, so my therapist and I are trying to figure out what to do.

hope you are well!
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