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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by White Dove, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    well i am going tomorrow... going camping... to the great outdoors.. weather will be perfect for it... going out east away from home.. no one will know where i am at.. got to get away from it all.. no phones, no tvs , no contact, no way or chance of anyone taking that away from me.. it is my time.... My time to reflect upon everything, both the good and the bad.. so heres to all those who have hurt me in the past, all those who say they have loved me but did not and only lied to me, i say this to you.






    you wont be able to find me.. you just wont... it will be me and nature only... dang minister i told him the very same thing.. i told him thanks for all the above and he he sent me a message back saying he lost my number, and that i am not ever home so he does not come to visit because i would probably not be home and a few other things he said.. yep, yep, yep.. he talks the way but dont walk it...maybe i will meet up with a bear, or maybe a tiger??/ perhaps a wild boar or a fox, but i dont care.. it will be just me and nature.. like the saying goes or rather song goes ( keep a knocking but you cant come it--- well keep a hunting for me but you cant and wont find me ) this time no location has been told, no hint has been given except i am headed east..... East to the sunset...

    yeah hooowiee me and nature finaly, finaly freee.. woo hooo.. how cool is that....

    see the little white dove icon / avatar in the right there, that is me flying away.. i may have a broken wing and heart but one wing is enough power to fly away with the rest of me.. its flying.. my wings may be broken, my heart may be broken but my spirit is heaven bound in nature.. yeah hoooo...
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  2. liveinhope

    liveinhope Well-Known Member

    susan i care please talk to me hug
  3. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Susan please don't hurt yourself. I don't know what else to say at this point but I want you to hold on and people here need and love you no matter what you think. It will cause others pain if you go. By the way, I went camping for the first time last week. I thought I would hate it, but it was amazing! Thank you for letting me know how wonderful being in nature can be. You taught me that :hug:
  4. fojerbachas

    fojerbachas Active Member

    goodbye :( .. theres no need to cry - `cos we all die..
  5. ward

    ward Member

    that might be true but we shouldn't die in vain. Live to be happy and die when you're old.

    susan you're far better than this and you shouldn't do this
    you won't regret it if you decide now to live
    it might not be my place to say this because I don't know you that well but I want to talk to you and get to know you better. Only if you let me...

    you're not alone in this world.
  6. srnityblu

    srnityblu Well-Known Member


    I am hoping you decide that this is just a camping trip for reflection and for you to gain insight. The outdoors is a lovely place to find peace and solitude, may I pray for you? Would that be alright?

    Please let the authorities know you are going because even this time of year the wilderness can be a very dangerous place, and even to slip and fall, and to hurt yourself would be a very painful way to go if that is what you are contemplating.

    Life is horrible most of the time, and people are horrible most of the time, this doesn't have to rule your life if you don't want it to. It just takes work. And like I said before if you want to slap others in the face with thier own sentiment so to speak, live life to the fullest, be the best you can be. Strive in this world and show others that you do not need thier words and atttitudes of security to "make it"

    It's a struggle I know we all have been there, but I agree, I don't know your pain and I can't even begin to, but you are welcome to share your feelings in email with me, It's a small conselation but talking about your hurt and pain does in a way make the hurt less over time, because you begin to extinquish the pain the power has over you. Your feelings do not have to rule you, and they do not dictate who you are.

    Anyway, Be safe if you choose to go out, it would be a wise choice in case you have second thoughts to end your life to let the police or rangers know in case you get hurt and you don't want to "go out" that way.

  7. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    Susan, first of all, may I suggest you write letters to each of the people that have decieved or hurt you. Tell them straight without detour all that your heart holds. All the wrong they have done you... so at least they kknow the why and all..... if guilt trip thre must be, may as well help them know why they must feel like shit....... no?

    As to your holiday in the wilderness, I'd gladly come along with you. I'd be in my element. Anyway, leave a letter in YOUR home so that sooner or later someone will know where to find you or ..... left of you should you decide to go ahead with your plan which I do not encourage yet understand yet if I was you, I'd gladly live to remind them daily of their mistakes and all the wrong they have done so being alive you are inflicting them mental pain hun... remember that.

    May you find upon reflection the peace within you long for. I'll, we'll, be here waiting for your return so don't forget us while away, we will be thinking of you all the time.

    Go with peace and come back re-energized with new strenght and willingness to fight them all.

    With affection,

    Granny :hug:
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