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Going totally gay.

I am denouncing my bisexuality and my interest in women,they are too much work.

Going totally gay right from the second this post hits the printing press.

The only women I was interested in anyway already had boyfriend or were fine,fine LESBIANS!!!!...which means they were gay.

So what the hell.Go back to what I know best,riding in the saddle.
I don't care if you're offended,straight guys can talk about tits till the sun explodes and nobody gives a damn.



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haha, some people are attracted to lesbians/gays. :tongue:
so imo, when you do say youre gay, expect certain women to pay extra attention.

so,hows it working out for you? :D
@Romancer.It's going samey samey.I suppose I will have to wait for the natural allure of bisexuality to wear off and for some charisma and attractiveness to set in.

@Longroad.Thank you.Luck with a big pair of balls would be nice. :)

@Hollowvoice.I'm being cereal.There is a manbearpig for me out there somewhere.I just know there is.1izombie is right,you are a very witty person. :)

@Lollipop.Those squiggles remind me of the worms you can finds on the pavements when it rains.
Can you tell that I'm lonely? ;)

Thank you guys.You all made feel like a breathless Dorothy at the end of the "wizard Of Oz",I just don't shut up,do I?

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