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    forgot what I was going to say
    madness here to stay
    calm the mind

    running running from the pain
    easily able to stay awake
    a wake in my quake

    castle crumbles
    screaming shouting
    of my mind

    crazy frenzy
    lieing awake
    thinking of every thing that makes you mad

    trusted too easily
    shits gone missing
    you never really miss shit until it's gone

    one day it had it's use
    now it's gone
    memories of it's use

    happy times
    searching to find what was lost
    to replace is the only case

    not that things of this world bring happiness
    music so soulful
    brings tears to my eyes

    oh how I missed you
    oh how I neglected you
    and put on a shelf

    to collect dust
    until another summertime
    now your gone it's all my fault

    I wasn't paying enough attention to you
    now I lost you forever more
    bitter sweet
    these memories

    now your gone
    I must move on
    to better days far away.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.