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FUCK THIS! Im gone...
I cant stand it anymore, they wanna lock me up because Im addicted to drugs and booze... fuck this, I wont go. I tried to get into treatment but nobody cares, now they wanna lock me up even though i tried to help myself...
I will kill myself... make no mistake, this IS my last message here, i promise I wont be back to waist space here, I wont be back to threaten suicide anymore, because now I have the perfect plan.
yes and i went to detox... Im alive... I did try running b4, but it got worse... I may or may not commit suicide, but i dont think any of the long term members give a shit anymore...


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Glad to hear you made it through rehab.....sorry your still not feeling great...Im not sure who you are talking about , when you talk about memebers not liking you.....Im sure thier are plenty of folks here who like you, and I would like the opportunity to get to know you.....thinking of you...


I am sorry that I didnt see your initial post, I dont make a habit of lookin through posts, I just hit the new posts button when I log in... I hope you are doing well..
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