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Hey guys I refuse to depress anyone now... I am considering things right now and I can't deal with anything right now.....

Remember huys I love you so much.



The biggest loser ever to live.
Your not depressing us, you've been an AWESOME contributor to this site, you've helped us out a lot, we'd REALLY miss you if you were gone. :ohmy: :sad:
:handinhan Sorry guys, I was going crazy yesterday, my agoraphobia, anxiety, and sever depression have just gotten worse....I've been so terrified to leave I've missed 4 appts in the past 2 weeks.......and I tried to face the things that happend to me and the reality of what happend and what's going to happen and what not.(was talking about facing things my husband did)

Because I was just ignoring/jhiding and not facing the pain, abuse, taking my dog and grandfather's car....and they are still hurting me and talking bad about me making everyone think I am bad and just hurt that whole family........well they just wanted someone to take care of there son cuz they didn't want to and instead of considering what he was doing to me and how I got more anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, depression, after I left I was very quiet, dossile, shaking, more panic attacks....

oh well....doesn't matter, I just started crying and ave a lot of other things going on, and I decided lastnight I couldn't kill myself because of my beleifs.......

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