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gonna do it

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Many of us give a poop, but if you don't give a poop. Our efforts will be useless. So do you want our efforts to be useless, because I certainly don't.


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Im glad to see you made it through the hard times.

Please open up here, they will help you, believe me its been a changing life experience here for me and hope that you will do the same. Give it a chance, okay, you will be suprised at the support you will recieve, people care here.
thanks inmemory & doityourself

its hard to open up, the chat here is a little secular at times. its just different, and thats just me.

am here, thats a start - eh!


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Dont underestimate what you have done to improve yourself.

Keep working at it, how is the therapy going, hope you still like her/him and your able to open up there.

Here for you anytime.
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