gonna end up alone?

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by badlife, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. badlife

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    i feel like im gonna end up alone. yea im only 17 but i dont really have friends. ive never had a girlfriend or done anything. people are always afraid of me because of my size, im shy, and dont really talk. im also ugly and blunt to the point i dont care if offends anyone. no one ever wants to be seen with me. all i do is go to school then sleep, then just lay down watching tv till i pass out 8 hours later after i woke up from the first time falling asleep. and ive done this for the last 7 years. it also seems like i cant find anyone because i live in an upper middle class area and im just a redneck. all i know is a really want a girlfriend but all this is adding to why i cant get a girlfriend or any kind of friendship with any one
  2. skinnylove911

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    I definitely know how you feel right now as I feel pretty alone myself right now anyway the bet thing you can do is slowly do things to improve your self confidence and then see if you can join groups to help you get better. Good luck x
  3. Sun_Sempai

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    Seven Heavens, I know that feeling.. I told myself I'm never going to get married and I'd rather die alone (well with family)
    When I told myself that I made more friends, and even found that soembody likes me..
    And everybody knows I'm plug ugly, be yourself!
  4. uncleddy

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    One of the biggest things in life is variety, at seventeen you are only just starting out, be patient, education is important focus there first, then in time look around, look around and you will notice that there are very few glamorous models around...us real people tend to be a little rough around the edges :dance:

    get yourself out, library, gallery, museum, a walk in the park, do it on a regular basis and you will begin to see the same faces each time, then comes the leap of faith...say "Hi"
  5. morning rush

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    I know what you mean...but it will get better. You should go out, do one thing, like volunteer. I've been isolated for a long time and now I'm trying to go out and participate. You can also register in forums with things you like, like movies, music, hobbies etc. Pm someone, the worse that can happen is the person doesn't reply. But most often they reply and you can make friends.
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    I know how you feel, but it will get better. Focus on education for now. And get out in the community. Sports, or whatever hobby you have. Or other social places. You'll meet some people with common interests, and it goes from there.
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    the only things that happen by me are getting drunk/ drugs in the woods and races that get shut down by cops every time they are going on.