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    So I went to the dr a few weeks ago, and she wouldn't go any further in my treatment without getting x-rays for my hand/wrist. It was obvious that she really thought that was the issue, a break in my (most likely) wrist that either wasn't healing, or had healed 'wrong'. So I got together the money needed to get it x-rayed, and went in yesterday to do it. I called in today to the dr office (since the imaging place won't discuss my records with me; only with my doctor's office), and after waiting and waiting, one of their assistants called me back and told me 'the results came back and nothing's wrong with your hand'.

    Nothing wrong? Why does it hurt enough to make me throw up sometimes then? Why am I reduced to having to close my throat to where I'm giving little squeaks of pain (as opposed to howling) after I move heavy things? I wanted to cry when she said that. So I asked if I could get called back by the dr that saw me in the first place, and this woman seemed astonished. 'You want her to call you back??' 'Yes, please, I don't know what to do about my hand and I want to fix whatever's wrong with it.' 'Oh of course, I'll have her return your call at her earliest convenience'.

    Surprise, no call. Waited and waited and nothing. I'm so discouraged. 'Nothing wrong'. Screw them. What is wrong with my fucking hand?????

    So I was feeling bitchy and picked a fight with my husband. Politics again. Shit. Seems like all I'm good for anymore is arguing about stuff I can't change anyway. Meh. Anyway....

    When I went to see her before, she tried to prescribe me narcotic pain relievers. I don't do pills anymore, not since my last attempt, though I didn't really want to say that to her. But I hate pills. If I had them now, I'd take them, all of them.

    Actually I'm thinking about that table saw out in the garage. Just going out there and cutting off my fucking hand that has nothing wrong with it. I'm so tired of being in pain, and I was so upbeat about having an easy solution if it were just a simple break that could be fixed with a cast. Now who knows if it could be, or how much it would cost to find out, or....damn.

    I can't stop crying. Been drinking but I'm not drunk, I'm just so sad and discouraged and I hate not being able to use my dominant hand. I can't even fill out an application. I can't even masturbate. I can't wipe my ass with my right hand. I hate this. I'll put on a happy face tomorrow but underneath, I hate this.
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    Is there any way you can go to a different doctor, one that will work with you and try their best to find out what's wrong? It almost seems like the one you're dealing with now is ready to let it go since she can't see anything wrong in the X-rays.
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    As wildcherry said, find a new doctor. Go to the old one's office, ask for your X-RAYs (it's yours, you paid for it) and take them to another doctor and explain how bad it hurts. I'm not a doctor, but i'm pretty sure there are things an X-RAY won't show. That's why we got ultrasonography and MRI.
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    I suggest the same, get a second opin. It may not be broke but have they looked into carpal Tunnel Syndrome or nerve damage?
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    The assistant called back the next day, told me that they want me to go to physical therapy. Not going to see me personally...and to be fair, I'm sure they're doing that because they know I'm self-pay and are trying to save me the cost of another doctor visit. It's just very discouraging. She was so certain it was a broken something, that I had this mental image of getting my hand in a cast and having it magically poof into being better. Now I'm back to not knowing what's wrong. Maybe the physical therapist will have a better idea.

    Meanwhile, the tax return we've been counting on getting quickly is in jeopardy (ex-employer is avoiding doing the paperwork, possible shadiness)...meh.

    One of the guys hubby works with is apparently more of an 'extremist' than I am, so he fights with me and then gets it from this other guy as well...I guess that's good? I don't look so bad?

    Sorry for the crude comments in the last post. I try to be classier than that...not very successfully :doh:

    I might look into getting a second opinion. Thanks for the comment about getting my x-rays, that's a good point. I guess I'll try the physical therapy...I know carpal tunnel is involved, I've had it before, but since I know what it is, I also know that there is more involved than that.

    Thanks <3
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    Im sorry, what a hassle, what a pain in the butt (to say it nicely), I would try the therapy because maybe they can give you some exercises that will help with the pain that you can do at home by yourself.

    Good Luck
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    To me you were as classi as it can be.

    Hope the theraphy works. :D