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posting my abuse experiances, on this site, after stopping my self from doing so, for so long. Has lifted a weight off my shoulders. Finally someone knows, someone relates to how I feel.
But it has made it kinda official, like the experiance is now part of my itentity, and this way, its bad I told you guys.
I dont know, does anyone get how I feel?? or am I just rambling?? please tell me to shut up and die if I am.


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you are not rambling ... i understand how u feel... sharing it makes it real.. and we can no longer ignore that part of us...

but in the long run as u stated it is a good thing... it is the first step to recovery...

and please know our identity does not have to be a victim or a surviver of abuse.. it is something that happened to us... it has shaped us .. but it does not define us...and is not who we are... much love

hugs... and hopes...
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