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    Yesterday I pretty much had a mental breakdown at work (winding up in the bathroom, door locked, lights off, covering my ears for 15 mins...just to get away..which makes me feel crazy and that makes me feel worse, but anyway let's focus on the positive here). Ever since I recovered from it, I've been focusing on/excited about today. It's not really that today I had a trip planned, or something good was gonna happen to me. But it was more of that I don't have work and I made a decision 2-3 days ago that today I wouldn't go out, I wouldn't force myself into company that I don't like (which I often wind up somehow being persuaded into), I would just let myself stay in my room all day and be myself without myself or anyone else putting me down.

    The happiness comes from more of a lack of plans actually, except for: to eat what I like, when I like, go online for only a little bit (sometimes the internet can suck me in for hours and my day is wasted and i get more depressed), make a playlist of all the songs I'm loving right now and dance absolutely crazy to them (BECAUSE no one is watching! ;) ), then spend the rest of it (still in pj's) playing Fable 3 until my roomate comes back to take me to the gym (the only part of the day I'm not too thrilled about, but I know last time I went and noticed that everyone DOESN'T just stare and make fun of you and I actually felt better afterwards).

    So I just wanted to share that here. How I think it's a good day today. And it's not due to anything that anyone else can provide me. It's due to my own mindset!! :yes::yeah::headphones: