1. black_rose_99

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    I just wanted to post and say that I had a good day today! Sometimes when things get so bad the world feels like it's falling apart around you, that even small things can make you feel good. On Tuesday night I was evicted, but nicely given 7 weeks to find somewhere knew. Today, I have secured accommodation (not ideal accommodation, but good temporary accommodation) and spoken to two of my best friends who let me talk all about me without judging, but with being supportive and understanding. And I've taken the step to tell more people about my depression and my illness, and everyone I've told has been really super supportive. I've managed to tell my manager about my depression and suicidal thoughts, and she's agreed to be flexible if I need to step away from my desk for a bit or have some time off for appointments. My friend in the UK I've told has been more open to inviting me places so that I'm not stuck where I live, and my friend in Australia who I've told is one of the best people to talk to when you're going through a crisis, and they've totally made me feel miles better than I was feeling 24 hours ago. And of course everyone here with their messages of support, even just watching threads I have nothing to do with, have helped a great deal and it's nice seeing all the love around.

    There's still a long hard road to go, but it's moments like these that I want to remember and document, so that when things go black, I can read this and know that there is hope, and that you never know what's around the corner.

    :wub: and :hug:
  2. total eclipse

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    I am so happy you are reaching out and getting such positive feedback I hope your new accommodations work out well too hugs
  3. black_rose_99

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    Thanks Eclipse! I really hope it's just what I need, and I need to stop overanalysing everything and just go with it - what's done is done :)