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Hi all,

I came across this site unintentionally while surfing around and something seemed to click in it for me. There's a closeness among the members that's nice to feel while reading the posts and I hope contribute something of help to others in some small way. No "magic bullets" here but over time I've tried to keep a sense of humor about the things that should never happen to anyone ever. Morbid, perhaps but sometimes for me that was all there was.

Some of the greatest comedians have been through some pretty dark times in their lives. I recently read Rodney Dangerfield's book "It Ain't Easy Being Me" and was quite impressed with his story. He had a terrible childhood and it's amazing to me how he got through it all the way he did. I couldn't guess what someone like Lenny Bruce must have have gone through. People who've laughed in the face of darkness a very special gift to share.

I was hoping that we could post links here to things we've found helpful because of their humor. One such site I've found is that of Sarah Silverman where there are several clips of her performaing at . She has what's been called a "naive Jewish-American Princess" style that allows her to get as politically uncorrect as it gets and have people rolling in the aisles.

Here are links to some of her clips at YouTube:

"A Love Song" -
(Kind of a surprise ending.)

"Give the Jew Girl Toys" -
(This one's a little dark but it kind of reminds me of how I used to feel sometimes at Christmas.)

Martin Luther King -
(I still laugh every time I see this one)

Crank Yankers -
(In the first sketch Sarah is Hadassah Guberman, a telephone surveyer for Oprah Winfrey.)
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