Good guys DO finish last

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  1. jazzmeister

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    After all this time, I think they were right about "good guys finish last".

    In this day and age, apparently it looks like the ones with the good lucks or those who steal/cheat/wrong other people are the ones who succeed in life. While the responsible, respectful, good guys sink to the bottom of an abyss and are left to die...
  2. Inspire&Inquire

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    Imagine a world where everyone exists to serve everyone else. It is like saying everyone is a slave to everyone else. People are not all bad, everyone I have encountered wants to help someone else. The issue with being too good or too nice, is it becomes self destructive. In much the same way running a business on generosity will cause you to go bankrupt. The reason people are good and nice is they lack vision or confidence that's what is so unappealing to both the opposite sex and in business.
  3. Butterfly

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    I have an issue with self proclaimed "good guys". I read many posts here about "good guys" not being successful in love but the issue always comes down to their shameful attitudes towards women and lack of confidence.
  4. jazzmeister

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    I don't how to act .

    If I feel I will do a dishonest act, it goes against my nature and it is painfully obvious to all those around. I guess I was raised to be good too well.

    Does that mean I have no chance for anything good in the future?
  5. Freya

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    Good things come to people who make an effort for them - who work hard and don't give up at a hurdle or two. For example, men who "get girls" are the guys who actively go and ask out girls and get shot down time after time after time but don't stop and declare themselves to be "finishing last" because they are a 'good guy'. Instead of bemoaning that good guys finish last - which is utter garbage I am afraid - you need to look for the actual problem. Because the problem is not that you are "too good" - if there is a problem and you are not being successful (in whatever it is you want to be successful in) then you need to take a good look at the way you behave and the things you do and work from there - being objective about it and seeing what you can address.

    I assure you, billions of 'good guys' who are not good looking and who do not lie, cheat or steal are plenty successful. It has nothing to do with being a "good guy" - so you need to figure out what it IS to do with. Without more detail on what it is you want to succeed in that you are currently not, and what you are actually doing to try to be successful, it is hard to help give you any perspective on that however.
  6. ThePhantomLady

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    That isn't always true, I have seen 'good guys' do well, and it always makes me smile when I do.

    My boyfriend is a real good guy, he's got a good job, a good life and yeah me (though I'm not sure how much a catch I am, lol)... but it can happen.
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