Good Internet p**n blockers?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Athnys, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. Athnys

    Athnys Well-Known Member

    I realize that this is the Substance Abuse thread, but I've posted this here since the board description seems to refer to addictions in general. Please move this to a more appropriate board if necessary.

    I think I'm suffering from an addiction to pornography and masturbation and I want to eliminate one so as to avoid the other. I've Googled for porn blockers I can use to stop myself from looking for pornography, preferably by creating an impossible-to-remember password so that I can't undo the settings to allow myself to see things which I should not, but I can't find any free ones, and the ones I did find either required registration, blocked non-porn things that I wanted to continue to have access to (like video gaming websites), were not effective enough, or had other problems like being resource-heavy which made them unpractical.

    I figure that if I can block myself from seeing pornography on the Internet I can simultaneously break my masturbation addiction, since they both manifest themselves together. I got into the addiction quite a few years ago before I really understood the gravity of their use and misuse, and while I've tried to go cold turkey, it's always come back after a while. I was suffering from various forms of abuse in school and was lonely and very depressed, and also somehow curious about sex when I started. I do not see any appeal in the pornography or attendant masturbation, but yet I have difficulty with stopping myself from getting involved in either.
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  2. LonerForever

    LonerForever Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    I'm not sure how you're connecting to the Internet, but some wifi routers offer users to block certain keywords so if someone then searched for that keyword all they would see would be a block page instead. Dunno if that would be of any help
  3. Crue-K

    Crue-K Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    You could contact your ISP to find out if they offer any child filters which are used to block out questionable material for children. Also if you go to; Tools then internet options you can amend the cookies and pop up blocker which will eliminate the sites without a rating certificate ( a lot of porn sites) and you can also change the settings/preferences on google which which can filter out pornographic images.
  4. Athnys

    Athnys Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    I did check with my ISP about filters and there is one, but it stated that it was not intended to help adults solve their own problems. It was strictly for controlling alternate accounts using the same computer and I couldn't set it to block things for myself.

    As for Internet Options and Google settings, they aren't things which I can permanently block from myself. In a weak moment I could easily change the settings again. If I was able to block things reliably by using an impossible password, that would be idea.
  5. poisonedresistance

    poisonedresistance Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    lol,,, pull the plug,,, only way to get rid of porn on the net. dont pay the bill
  6. LonerForever

    LonerForever Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    I'm not sure it would be possible to block it the way you want then :/ it is entirely possible that your addiction could sort itself out with time as the levels of hormones in your body gradually reduce.

    I hope something works out for you soon
  7. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    Cnet have an anti porn blocker - worth a go

    When I first got the internet ten years ago porn was a novelty. Until then it was only mags and videos - none of which I bought but sure I've seen them.

    But I know porn addicts - and its a spiralling thing. I mean - these days you got websites that are basic meet and **** websites - that quick! A 'date' in one hour as these website have postcode matching so you don't have to travel far.

    Well - its better than porn I guess - but still masturbation - only mutual.

    You got to try and divide the sexual urge from the need to love a woman. Sex is a great thing but when its shared with someone you love.

    Porn is women forced by economics or worse - to act in an overtly sexual manner to any man who pays for it.

    It demeans men also - I mean - lets face it how does your self esteem feel after viewing how many hours of porn?

    I think ditching porn and seeing women as human beings is the best way forward.

    Ultimately - porn blockers or not - you will ALWAYS see some images of a sexual content online. I just click off pop ups of 'dating websites and Russian ladies looking for romance (they mean money and idiot men)

    Youtube - you can easily look for a video of computers being fixed and find some kind of erotic video. And one things leads to another. You have a trigger as it were.

    Anyhow good luck - I don't think porn does much good for anyone really.

    Sex is great - watching it or talking about it - seems a waste of time.
  8. Athnys

    Athnys Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    Ah, well I'm not married so I can't have sex anyway, and with my addiction I don't feel like I should even go on a date. In my culture premarital chastity and modesty are highly valued and a porn/masturbation addiction is contrary to that.

    I didn't get into porn because of some sexual "need," but because of curiosity and loneliness and ignorance and years of abuse I fell into it and found it very hard to get out of. When I first started I thought that porn was withheld from kids because it was an adult thing only, but later on found that it was completely discouraged and understood why.

    I agree though that porn is socially useless and artistically deficient. It is not art, it is obscenity. My college even had an "art" show in which students displayed drawings and paintings of their own genitalia! People who get into porn end up finding themselves looking for increasingly scandalous material to get off on.

    Edit: that was a weird program, I set it up and it didn't work, then it vanished from my computer.
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  9. Athnys

    Athnys Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    Edit: That didn't work either...
  10. understandingnothing

    understandingnothing Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    2 things i can think of are and you could use both as the first one isnt a install you just change dns seettings via your router or computer(router is better as this is the first point of access to your house/flat)

    But to be honest if your that addicted then you will either turn it off or find a way round it.
  11. Aaron

    Aaron Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    I have to disagree with you here, I believe those that do end up 'finding themselves looking for increasingly scandoulous materiel to get off on' have it in their heads anyway and the internet just gives them access to it.
  12. Athnys

    Athnys Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    That's why I had planned to set a password for the filter which would be impossible for me to remember. If I can't remember the password, I can't disable the filter.

    Well as someone who has had this problem for a long time, I can tell you that I didn't start out looking at some of the things I do now. It was all straight stuff at first and later progressed into things I would have found disgusting to begin with.
  13. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    I'm curious as to what culture is your social identifier.

    I know some Muslims who maybe could share your views - but Christians also - porn is a big no no for us also - not that I'm a text book Christian - I'm not!

    Well - morally if you oppose porn then its a good way of overcoming the addiction.

    Porn does increase demands and 'normal' sex often does not mean much.

    but in real life - even kissing a woman - and being close without having sex - is preferable to a million porn websites or a million hookers putting on a show in your bedroom.

    Chastity is ok - if you save yourself for someone - fair play.

    But God made us sexual - and whatever cultural background you have - maybe you ought to bear that in mind. God made us sexual - but not to watch porn!

    I will click off anything relating to the industry.

    Sex is a powerful force - the porn industry manipulates it into something that demeans people.

    Some people want to put a cash value on everything.

    Good luck!

    Any addiction can be stopped with will power.

    Join an anti porn forum maybe.
  14. Athnys

    Athnys Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    Well in my culture if I have a girlfriend I can't kiss her on the lips, be alone with her, or cuddle or dance close to her until we are married. Regarding women in general, I can't look at women in bikinis, miniskirts, revealing tops, visible shoulders, or Daisy Dukes.

    I had got into looking at such things on the Internet before I understood my culture's requirements for unmarried people, and by then I had become addicted and often unable to stop myself.

    I will look into an anti-porn forum, though. I don't know why I didn't think of that.
  15. understandingnothing

    understandingnothing Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    Then you cant go wrong with open dns and k9web,sign up then change password using something like this and dont write it down lol

  16. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    Re: Good Internet porn blockers?

    Porn is too easy to get hold of.

    You need reconditioning with respects to the actual process of looking at porn - anti porn forums will help as some are run by people who were in the porn industry - had one bookmarked ran by a ex porn star who actually made me ashamed for looking at porn.

    So for me - now I know what the porn game is - I cannot support it.

    Blocking porn - can be done in theory but practice? not really.

    You got to not want to use porn - not just be stopped from using it.

    Big difference really - a vital difference.

    Your culture - Amish, Mormon, some kinda Christians or Muslim?

    No need to tell - just curious really.

    Good luck mate - porn demeans woman imo and offers sex without the emotional attachment that makes sex feel natural and a good thing.

    Masturbation is just normal really - but porn raises the stakes and your own imagination is not really enough when you have moving pictures. It can spiral into extremes - the porn industry caters for every need - but so does some woman out there who will do so in the privacy of a bedroom and other rooms - and situations with no cameras and no audience.

    Good luck.

    Sorry if I've been more open that your used to - but were adults - you've seen porn and watching sex is maybe scored at 1 compared to the high scores you get doing it with someone you care about.
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