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  1. ThePhantomLady

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    I know how the bad memories often can seem stronger than the good ones... and I know I often find the negative in the best of memories...

    But I thought it would be good to have a thread to jot some of them down as they come by...

    I just found my big red ring I last wore when I saw my favourite actor and idol live in Hamlet, in London last year. It was the best night of my life... I felt so alive. It was such an amazing play, it was funny, dramatic, well done... and him... gosh.

    Yes, I am a hopeless fangirl. And yes I traveled all the way to London all alone just to see him; and the place where they film some of Sherlock as well.

    I was buzzing as I arrived at the theater early... I couldn't sit still... I knew I had a seat on second row... and I just wanted to get in there and I wanted the play to start!

    I had a lot of anxiety as well. And it didn't help that I had to walk really far because the tube had shut down because of strikes and the buses weren't running as the app said because of road work... but I made it there... with a badly bleeding toe and for the first time in my life without any bandaids... (ugh, there, I am doing it again... finding the negative. huh?) But as soon as the play started I didn't even notice my toe hurt at all.

    The actor was standing right in front of me. Like... if I reached out my hand and leaned forward I could have touched him. (I didn't!).
    I was laughing so hard, I know the play in and out, I even wrote a major paper on it in school, having chosen it myself... and I found myself mouthing the lines. I sat close to some women who were the same...
    At a point the actor was on top of a balcony, just above me, he was alone on the stage, he was pretty sweaty and spitting out lines... and this is going to sound gross that I'm excited about this... a drop of his body fluid hit me in the eye!

    And at a point where he was waving a gun, I felt like he was pointing at me (I'm sure the half of the theater had the same experience though. lol).

    After the show was over, 3 lovely hours later I didn't wait around for autographs at the stage door... he hadn't done it the day before, which was the premiere day... and as far as I'm informed he only started it a few days later... I regret not trying at least bit... but my anxiety couldn't have handle all the pushing and shoving. so I thought it was better I just walked away... I pretty much danced all the way home and only a while after I got back to my hotel room and had been rested could I feel my toe throb.

    I have never been so high in my life. That actor has saved my life so many, many times.
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  2. CandleLight

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    Commenting to say I look forward to reading this post, and really taking it in. So kinda bookmarking it. :) Take care.
  3. ThePhantomLady

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    I had another good memory... well, it starts bad.

    It's from London too... same trip as above...

    I was alone on my travels... though I met some kind people... like the 'bobby' (some guy dressed up) watching the line at the Sherlock Holmes museum... I think he was bored and we talked a bit... it was a hot day and I took out my chinese handfan and he thought it was a really neat idea... I even fanned some air on him. lol.

    But the memory I remembered this morning... One of the days on my walk through the town I had the urge to end my life... I was actually about to do it... but I didn't. It was the morning before I was seeing my favourite actor live... damn.
    But yeah... I stopped myself... and no one noticed.

    But I had to sit down, and I figured I needed to have some lunch... not that I was hungry, but yeah. I needed to sit down as well... since my back and hips didn't appreciate all the walking.
    I walked into this little Italian place, and the people there were the nicest people I had met in a while. They were so nice to me, smiling and seemed genuinely nice.
    I know, costumer care is good for business... but it seemed a lot more genuine and true than that. If only they knew how much that meant for me.

    My reason for remembering this wasn't great... but it's a good and important memory to have I think. I got some money back and I have 3 paid 'vacation days' from my last job... and I thought about taking a trip to London... but I got scared I'd go through with what I was about to do last time...
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