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This is actually my second post, I joined yesterday while I was in a terrible mood, one I was afraid I wouldn't make it out of. Today I'm doing much better, I credit a lot of that to having somewhere to vent. I'm used to bottling those feelings, but it helped immensely to get them out.

My name is Amanda and I'm 18 years old. I recently moved in with my boyfriend, and, while he is a major source of stress for me, I love him dearly. He's one of the few that can make me feel those extreme emotions. Moving out created a lot of stress between my mom and I, but we've since repaired that relationship.

I recently quit my job at a call center to try and find something more fulfilling. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening as I am also a college student and am quite limited on my opportunities and freedom.

I'm currently attending a highly respected private school in my home state, but next year need to transfer to the community college because I can't afford to stay where I am. This is also causing me to change my major from Social Work to Nursing; I will be able to get a job sooner and start a career. I am not against Nursing, it was my second choice for a major.

About six months ago, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. My most recent surgery was in January, I had some legions removed and am going for a follow-up appointment in April to check for development. I'm nervous but I've come to terms with it. There are some days that I want to skip my appointments so this will kill me, but I never do.

I am generally a happy person, at least on the outside. I am the worst when it comes to masks, I am almost always wearing one. My masks are strong and brave, fearless, ready to take on life. I am scared of the future, but most of the time I live like there is no future, just in case. I'm very outgoing and funny, I love to make people laugh.

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Hi Amanda...welcome...glad that venting helped you to feel better...with all the changes you are going through, it is no wonder you are so stressed... there are so many apsects of nursing that I am sure you will find something that is analagous to social work; psych nursing can be something to explore and if you live in the US, nurse practioners can prescribe...sorry about your diagnosis, but that's what it is...we do not come with an expiration date, as it is said...glad you are doing better and please continue to let us know how things are going...J
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