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Good news and bad news (just in case anyone gives a 'monkey's be-hind')

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I has a job, finally, and it doesn't totally suck! which is v v good, because I'll be able to afford to go back to uni in september. Umm, and I be about 15 weeks SI free, which is the longest...ever, well, in the 6 or so yrs since I started which me thinks is positive.

So, yup that's the good news.

Bad news, me is tiiiiiired! :laugh: Oh, but only one day 'til the weekend, which is a good thing again. Yeah, this might not make sense, as I said, incredibly tired. Just thought I'd share. Night all. x :arms:
Yeah I got a job too :ohmy: started this week, fainted the first day >.< Hope you will get a better first day :tongue: what kind of job is it??? Anyway wish you good luck with your job and get some rest hun :smile: :hug:


I'm so glad for you blueberry. :yeah: Finding a job you actually like is definitely an encouraging thing!

I hope you have a good rest. All the best.

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