Good news for PC gamers! :D

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  1. I notice that there's an arcade here so I expect atleast some know how to play games using a pc, something I have never been interested in... until now that is. I have just obtained info on how you can add a multitude of cool games to your pc to play at anytime you please. Some of you may already know about this, so you should know that I can't openly post it as a link(not sure what will happen) yet this has been going on since games have been invented so it's totally legal(I wouldn't be jailed, maybe just sued by the people who think they're bein ripped off by this free feature) & has been or the site(s) I found out about would've been shut down long long ago. I need to inform you that most(or all) of these games are old-school. That's how they get away with the freebees. Also they have purchasable games(I expect that is how they are able to stay in bussiness) but if you play the arcade games here you'll love this news! Interested parties please post a reply so I can PM you the info..... it sounds crazy I know but this is totally legit. I've already said enough that those of you who already know this news will know exactly what I'm tryin to say. I'm a true gamer having fun & I wanna share it with everyone!