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  1. ameretat

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    After my last depressing thread I have some good news! I can go to the doctor again in a few months I will then have insurance!!! It took a lot of paperwork though.. She and my controlling father said they were going to control the decisions I made if i had insurance through them but I got out on my own and made my son to be hubby my right of Attorney that way they can't say anything!! It feels so good to not have them tell me what to do and smack me around. I wish they would let me grow up. I'm almost 21 and I'm their only daughter, you would think they wouldn't be so rude all the time. My mom somehow was able to add me on hers again!!! As far as my wedding goes I'm getting a hand made wedding dress!! From my Fiancées aunt!! No one has ever done anything nice like that for me before. I'm so happy today and I haven't been in soo long !!! :)
  2. total eclipse

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    That is good news i am so happy that someone is helping you and showing you such kindness
  3. xXWhateverItTakesXx

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    Awww hun that's fantastic!! Hope you have the best wedding ever, and your dress will be dazzling!

    :hug: xx
  4. ameretat

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    I know this is the first good day I have had in a while.... I just wish his dad would stop trying to pay people to break us up!! It's really starting to hurt me!!! :(
  5. Viro

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    I'm so happy for you - it looks like things are beginning to look up!