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Ive been told that Im not bi polar nor mentally ill.I dont need meds.
Just to get out of the bad situation Im living in.
I feel very relieved. I thought Id be put on very strong meds or even put inside.


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Hi hun...thats great news if that is what you were hoping for !! But obviously not good because of the situation you are in has been so bad. Id be concerned however if you do feel you are ill and they are brushing you off with that your fine as in alot of cases with docs these days. HUGS x


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No I dont think so.I was perfect for years and my doc mafe me take meds.
Theres no way she would let me med free .Wel Im on seroquel but that only helps me sleep.
It never had any affect on anything elI didnt expect this response.
Maybe its cos I did so well in my exams and have college sorted.


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My sister came home n ruined my mood.
She doesnt know anything about my life.she doesnt rem amything I tell her.
This hurts cos we used to be very close.
She ignores me here but the very minute I leave the house she rings and texts me non stop.
If I go abroad she texts me non stop using all my credit.
Its head wrecking.
Good to read your good news.

Can you block your sis from calling you?!

Keep thinking of college and being away to get through this next little while. hugs.
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