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Good. Not just good enough but better!

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You know what I am fucking great at what I am doing. I did something today which was fucking great. Not for me but for one of my clients. I have been fighting and fighting for them and I got it.

Tell me I am too vulnerable! It's crap! Total utter bollocks. I did well today, not just today but my ongoing work with her. Her mardyness, arrogance and blaming everyone else didn't phase me. I still did it and I got the best reults anyone could have hoped for. This was all at the same time as people kicking off and me having to prioritise. Then having another client swear and shout at me on the phone and I calmly told him "I don't speak to you like that, so don't talk to me like that". Did what I needed with him and had an apology. This was on the phone, I had the whole office listening in to my call as I was firm with him.

I can do this. It shows I can leave my issues at the door. Fuck them all is what I say! they don't know me.

What I have learnt from all this... when you have things to lose, don't be honest! I have never opened up and been honest like this before and it backfired. Will I do it again. No chance!
You sound like a really professional and competant person at your job.

No-one can tell you that you're not.

Keep kicking ass and feeling good about it :)


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Part of the big thing with social work is that you leave your own values at the door. I do that and I do it with my issues also. Yeh, ok so I have massive suicidal ideation. But it doesn't affect the work I do. I am depressed but it doesn't affect the work I do.

I don't see that I can win this one though. I understand where they are coming from with appropriateness of it all considering it'[s not that long ago since I was put on a 136. But I don't let it affect the work I do.

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when i am at work that is all that matters is my work i become a different person i become someone and that is what keeps me here. My work is what keeps me stable it draws me out of the darkness while i am there.
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