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Good Old Life

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Every time you think things are going to go wright what happens? Life throws a cruve ball your way and every thing that you have worked so hard for seems like for nothing. Well that is what happend today. I got home from an appointment to find a letter waiting for me. I no longer have medicade because the great state of Ohio thinks that having every one on HMO's is a solution to there problems. Not carring if or who it affects. Well I am one of the people that it has affected I am loosing my doctor my threapist my home health aid who I might add I have had for almost two years. I am for sure going to get approvel now for the gastric by pass! But at this cost of loosing some one and something that I have found to be a great support to me, is it worth it? I dont no as I sit here and cry I keep asking myself why? Why me every time things seem like they are going wright for I am knocked back even further then when I started my journey down this road to get help. I have built great relashionship with my threapist and I now trust him but now I am back at square one with him. I just dont no what to do. So I set myself back today I benged all day and now I feel like shit for doing it.


I remember hearing someone say that sometimes people are in our lives for a season. When one season turns into the next, all the good from the previous season stays with you. Cool part is that you get the benefits of the new season as well. :cool:

I'm sorry you lost so many great people as a result of bureaucracy. But, really, have you lost them if all the good they've done is still inside you? Know what I hope? I hope you take all the things you learned from them and loved them for and use it in this new season.

I really hope it all works out for you. I'm confident that it will.
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