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good place

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hi, i just wanted to say this place looks like a nice place with good people. i think those people who have it hard are more real. i dont like people who have it all without even doing much, just by luck, cause they never understand how it can be hard for you and why you moan.
its all i want to say for now.
take care everyone


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:welcome: to SF, youre right, there are a lot of good people here :smile: i hope you get to know some and find what ever support you need here

feel free to PM me anytime
take care :hug:


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:welcome: to SF. You will find many caring and genuine people here. I am glad you decided to join us. When you are comfortable, maybe you can share a bit about yourself. I would love to get to know you. Take care. :hug:


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Welcome to a very friendly forum!:smile: I'm sure you'll make some friends here and pick up on some very interesting ideas. We're good listeners and very supportive of those in crisis, as we've been - and sometimes still are - in crisis ourselves. You could say our "compassion muscle" is really "buff" - very well developed.:rolleyes: :wink: Having our own problems and being able to support each other and receive support from each other really makes us aware of how far a little kindness can travel.:smile:

Welcome again to a great international society of friends!:smile:

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