good thing finally happened...? :o

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  1. hmmm

    hmmm Member

    so, i met a fellow, && he is the sweetest thing ive ever met.
    he (surpricingly) makes me very happy,
    I have my doubts though, on wether we'll last but till then im just super happy i have him.
    i feel that (if needed) i could talk to him && vent,
    He is the first guy ive ever dated that sisnt do drugs && he is helping me stop smoking.
    (he's great)
    i just hope we last awhile :eek:
    but im afraid he is gunna say "i love you" to me, :/
    && i dont believe in love (cuz ive never felt it) ?
    i dont know what to tell him if he says it D:
  2. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    Maybe your scared of the possibility of him rejecting you later on, after he's said he's loved you? Or you're afraid he'll 'turn into' the previous guys?

    If someone ever said it to me, I'd probly brush it off like, "pfft, ok lol wat ever...."

    or alternatively you could say "me too! :D". But I guess it could come across as though you're saying "I love me too!", which would make me laugh anyways.

    Loves a strong word. I'm never one to throw it around as though it's chicken feed. Maybe he won't just suddenly say it :tongue:.
Thread Status:
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