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good thing finally happened...? :o

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so, i met a fellow, && he is the sweetest thing ive ever met.
he (surpricingly) makes me very happy,
I have my doubts though, on wether we'll last but till then im just super happy i have him.
i feel that (if needed) i could talk to him && vent,
He is the first guy ive ever dated that sisnt do drugs && he is helping me stop smoking.
(he's great)
i just hope we last awhile :o
but im afraid he is gunna say "i love you" to me, :/
&& i dont believe in love (cuz ive never felt it) ?
i dont know what to tell him if he says it D:


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Maybe your scared of the possibility of him rejecting you later on, after he's said he's loved you? Or you're afraid he'll 'turn into' the previous guys?

i dont know what to tell him if he says it D:
If someone ever said it to me, I'd probly brush it off like, "pfft, ok lol wat ever...."

or alternatively you could say "me too! :D". But I guess it could come across as though you're saying "I love me too!", which would make me laugh anyways.

Loves a strong word. I'm never one to throw it around as though it's chicken feed. Maybe he won't just suddenly say it :tongue:.
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