good things always end up bad

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by music_addict, May 19, 2007.

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  1. music_addict

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    Whenever something seemingly good happens to me it always ends up making my life worse. For example, I can never make good friends and when i do meet someone to hang out with its always somw shady untrustworthy character. Like i'd been hanging out with some drug dealer lately but last week he took my car without asking, to sell drugs out of. Well lo and behold he gets pulled over and my car gets seized by the police. and i cant get it back because it was used as an accesory to a crime. so now im out 1500 dollars (yes it was a piece of shit car, but still...).
    Also, i recently had the chance to lose my virginity. This is something id been hoping for but thought would never happen. It seemed like something good was finally happening to me, but no... I couldnt get hard. and i was a totally clumsy oaf besides that.
    I could go on and on about how things always make my life worse. I hate it so much. I hate my life so much. Ive been sitting here for like an hour staring into the barrel of what could be my violent salvation from this pain. but i cant work up the nerve to pull that damn trigger. It seems my mind has this nasty habit of wanting to live. I hate myself with a passion unrivalved by anything else ive ever felt.
  2. whatisnormal

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    I feel exactly the same bro, it feels like some curse is following us. Whenever something positive seem to happen it always somehow turns out in a negative way. Sometimes it feels like i am here on this earth to see everything i want but i cant touch it, like its behind some fence with 100.000V on it. Im the latest person on this forum that can give u good advice about how to deal with it cause i experience it the same fucking way as you do, but on moments it goes really bad with me i just go to some gym or shit or kick, scream or whatever, curse on this hole fucking mess i live in and sometimes after that i feel better.
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