Good things in life?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by YouWillBeHappy, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Good things in life?
    I seem to have forgotten them all.

    What will happen another day that I can look forward to?

    Seriously, I need someone to help me remember some goods things.
  2. Argh:D

    Argh:D Guest

    Ice cream?
  3. Ice cream just makes me feel bad after the sugar high goes down.

    And if I eat a lot Ill get bad acne.

  4. Argh:D

    Argh:D Guest

    Haha okay...

    There are many good things in life. Life is what you make of it.

    Other happy things?

    A deep, passionate kiss with someone you love.
    Watching the sun set.
    Enjoying conversation with your friends over a good meal.
    Getting drunk and arriving home realizing you have no trousers...

    But happiness generally comes from the inside - in the sense of how you perceive the world - not the outside.

    It's annoying when the car park is full outside a club, but at least you know that when you find a space there will be a lot of people inside...
  5. If life is what I make it... what if I can't make it anything good? What if there's no one I love? What if the sunset bores me? What if I never seem to enjoy conversations? What if I don't like drinking most of the time?

    What if I don't care how many people are in the club? What if the people in the club just aren't my type?

    I mean you can try the non-practical approach but it never seems to get me anywhere. I need some straight up things that make me happy.
  6. Argh:D

    Argh:D Guest

    In all honesty... If, seriously, nothing in the world makes you happy...

    Kill yourself.
  7. Only 1 thing I have ever thought of that can make me happy:
  8. Argh:D

    Argh:D Guest

    Hey look that is a good start... Listen to good music and fall in love. That's all you need to be happy.
  9. damn I was sort of hoping we'd reach a better conclusion...
    that's sort of where I started off... thinking I should just *insert method here*
  10. Argh:D

    Argh:D Guest

    Ah..but now we know that music makes you happy :D...
  11. deathisweet

    deathisweet New Member

    what makes you happy?
  12. Argh:D

    Argh:D Guest

    Hard, animal-like sex with someone I love. You?
  13. don't think music is enough to keep me going for long

    though I must admit it is likely that I would be dead by now without it
  14. Argh:D

    Argh:D Guest

    Do you have friends to talk to?
  15. none that I would talk to

    no one is really close enough and I don't want to ruin the other friendships I got... they couldn't handle me anyhow
  16. Argh:D

    Argh:D Guest

    There nothing to ruin if you're gonna kill yourself anyway - look on the bright side remember ;)
  17. But if they fail to keep me going then they would beat themselves up over it after I was dead.

    This is like suicidal feelings 101 lol
  18. Argh:D

    Argh:D Guest

    Well, at least get a blow job before you die...will make it sweeter ;)
  19. An Angel in Black

    An Angel in Black Well-Known Member

    y r u so mean? a blowjob? thts what the fuck you think a girl is good for? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU???!!! REALLY??? maybe when you learn to love a girl with all of your heart instead of your goddamn fucking discusting equiptment youll be happy you sicko..
  20. Argh:D

    Argh:D Guest

    I've already loved a girl with all of my heart and lost her. Love generally causes massive pain...
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