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Goodbye, its time to move on

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I've had enough of living in this world and want to move on to the next world, so I've decided to end it all on monday while my parents are away. Hopefully they'll see this when they return & realise what they've caused.

Hope it all goes to plan, if so goodbye old world, hello new world.


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It's nice to think that when they return they'll have realised what they caused but what can happen is they'll come back and spend the rest of their lives wondering why the hell you killed yourself.

It's hard to say, I dunno anything about you, your situation and your parents... having said that I know lots about me, my situation and my parents and I still haven't a clue 'bout what's going on. I guess that's the point of a forum such as this one, chat about it and hopefully someone out there might have some bright ideas.
They'll know, I've been planning this for a while, part of the plan involved an email explaining everything which was sent earlier today, which they wont read until they return.

My biggest fear now is that I wont go through with it on monday & the truth will come out about things I wanted to keep secrects until I'm gone.

I'm not worried about ending it, I'm more worried about what will happen if I dont end it.

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