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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by poison, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    It's tonight. It HAS to be. I am killing myself tonight. Goodbye everyone.
  2. lisha

    lisha Member

  3. NoRegrets

    NoRegrets Well-Known Member

    poison, why must you go now? Please, don't do this.:hug:
  4. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    i can't live anymore... she probably won't forgive me... she probably won't... i've got nothing left, no one cares...
  5. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser alive.

    Hi Poison, I hope this won't be the last thread you make here.
    Your only 13 right? Yeah, I know its so freaking repeated ALL THE TIME, but you are still so young and still have a lot to live for, to experience. Its because of this girl right?

    Well, I'm 19, never had a girlfriend, probably never will so I dunno if I can help you out. I do know lots of kids your age get girlfriends and forgive me for my damn ignorance, I think many of them do end in heartbreak, lots of pain and even some suicides over love. I haven't experienced this sort of love that you have so I probably can't understand so I'm sorry in advance.

    This girl isn't worth losing your life over, I know its hard to take in, but there are other girls out there, she isn't the perfect one, it shouldn't be that if she leaves you, your world is gone for good, but like I said again, I can't understand probably at all what you are going through. There's a lot of young guys like you that go through this and commit suicide, I hope you don't end up that way and please keep living and being strong. Please.
  6. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    i know that but i dont know what her feelings are yet... we're both sorry for our argument but she didnt at all imply that she was going to end the relationship... she was just mad... i dont know if she'll forgive me, she hasnt logged back on AIM yet and im worried... without her i cant do it.. i feel so pathetic..
  7. scottish125

    scottish125 Member

    hey poison,
    if you are only 13, believe me... there are waaaay more girls out there for you! i was in the exact same boat when i was 13 or 14.. now, im 19... i found girls that love me, that always want to see me.. girls with the hottest bodies and yeah, they were all way better than the chick i dated when i was 13.

    there's a girl out there that is just dying to meet you, i promise you that...

    this is what you need to do... get on top..

    1. dont care about that girl (even if you do, try not to think about her.)
    2. get to the point where you are fine without her
    3. establish contact with many different girls....
    after this, the girl will run back to you practically begging to you.

    one last very important thing....
    pick up an instrument... guitar, bass, drums anything because...
    A. it keeps your mind off of her and on yourself
    B. you can get some hot bitches if you know how to play guitar.... TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!!!!!!
    i hope everything gets better bro cuz shit, i can relate to you big time

  8. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    dude, whoa whoa whoa... slow down. first of all, we cleared our argument up, apologized, and second off.. we LOVE each other. what do you think im trying to do, get a shitload of chicks? no. i want one that will love me. and by the way, shes the most beautiful girl i've laid eyes on... so id ont know what you were trying to accomplish with that post.
  9. scottish125

    scottish125 Member

    dude, you're 13... enough said...
  10. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    you misunderstood the situation. my girlfriend never said the relationship was over... you were acting as if that was the situation. i wasn't looking for ways to get over her, i was looking for support because i was scared of what was going to happen due to an argument me and her had. we we're both mad and upset, but in reality, we love and care for each other very much. people who love each other do fight sometimes, i'm sure you know this, and our case is no different. it might help you to know me and her have been together for 4 months. so this isn't some measley 2 week relationship.

    also, i am not interested in "hot bitches." in fact, i laughed at that. my girlfriend is far from what people consider hot... i like bigger girls, not these skinny "hot" girls. i'd pass on them anyday just about. to me, girls with "hot bodies" are sluts. i don't want a girl that everyone thinks is hot because that would make me so insecure. so if you didn't know that before, you know it now. i am somewhat offended that you assume, since I am 13, that i want chicks with "hot bodies." that's kind of ignorant. i would also like to tell you that i am not very attractive at all (at least I think so, my girlfriend and a few other chicks think i'm quite attractive). i don't want girls on my nuts 24/7, that's just who i am.
  11. scottish125

    scottish125 Member

    hey man i was giving you some support.. why would you kill yourself over an argument? i mean i'm in no place to say what reasons are legit but at least shes still there. shes still with you. shes still alive.

    i did not imply that a "hot bitch" was a skinny girl nor a slutty girl. its whatever floats your boat. not all skinny hot girls are sluts and not all heavier girls are perfect angels either.

    alright, well you are still 13 and it sounds kinda gay but it really means something in retrospect to your maturity level in a relationship.

    either way, i hope all is well...
  12. okay this thread has gone a little of course , and i dont really understand what is going on, so i'll just answer the bit about poisions girlfriend.

    Poision, you really need to talk to your girlfriend about how you feel hun, if you cant speak to her physically about it, write her a letter. just try and tell her in some way. just think about things before you take action- if you werent here, there wouldnt be a chance for your relationship to grow stronger. You clearly have very strong feeling for eachother, regardless of age, just talk. you wont no until you speak to her. Everyone has arguments, she knows your sorry because you've told her. The feeling are there, things wont be over. Best of luck huni let us now how your getting on xxx
  13. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    scottish - sounds gay? huh? nevermind...

    blackrose - yeah, we worked it out.
  14. scottish125

    scottish125 Member

    13 doesn't sound gay.... 13 means your not that mature.. get it now? just in case...

    13 = immaturity

    get it??

    you annoy me, good bye
  15. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    i meant what are you calling gay? you're the one being immature.... i was asking you to clarify yourself. if you think thats annoying, maybe you should be more clear.
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  16. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser alive.

    So, you and your girlfriend managed to get on better terms now? Thats good.

    I just really feel that right now, you are too young for a girlfriend and that eventually, she may leave you as you are still too young to make a serious commitment and it will only hurt you a lot in the end, its already hurt you.
    I'd just like you to be very careful here, you may end up getting hurt really badly and just watch out for that okay? I'm just worried about that, really worried.

    There's so many kids your age that have a girlfriend, get broken up, get so depressed, some commit suicide because of it, I don't want that to happen to you. Your life is worth a lot and damn, I can't help much since I've never had a girlfriend, don't know the feelings you are feeling.
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  17. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    i know the risks and i've thought about that too... i just stopped thinking about it becuase it hurt so much and it was impossible to keep going on with the relationship with that sort of mentality. i don't know... but you never know... so you have to see what happens, you know? i'm negative too sometimes but you have to keep trying regardless.
  18. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser alive.

    I just hope that you take care of yourself, stay safe.
    I know that this sort of relationship your in can bring so much joy and happiness but also so much pain and misery, it can turn around and get ugly really quick, so please be careful about that.

    I bet I'm wrong here, since I have no experience, but I think at your age, these relationships just about never last very long, don't bank your whole life, everything on this relationship, its on a really rocky, unstable foundation and its not worth losing your life over. Be careful please, thanks. :smile:
  19. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    well you are right... most relationships dont... but i think me and her are definetely an exception.
  20. scottish125

    scottish125 Member

    what the fuck, i did clarify.

    Here we go...

    original statement...
    "alright, well you are still 13 and it sounds kinda gay but it really means something in retrospect to your maturity level in a relationship."

    it sounds gay to hear this but your not mature enough yet to be in love. thats what i mean. take it in... thats right... think about it.... yeah dude, your 13. i thought exactly the same way when i was 13 and i was hurt.

    shit, who knows! maybe you kids could get married one day and have lots of stubborn babies together. fuck, i'm no psychic.

    i dated a girl for about a year when i was 13. i thought i was "in love" with her. we broke up and i was depressed big time. i thought we were an exception from other relationships... i seriously thought that there was no one else out there for me. since then, i met some pretty amazing girls. better girls who taught me something and belittled whatever was ex was.

    so, do me a favor... if something goes wrong in this relationship, come back to this thread and read it.
    and before you do anything drastic, remember you have a long life ahead of you and even if you feel alone, you will some day feel that love again. that, i can promise you.

    P.S. nkrukato makes a very good point so listen to him.
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