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Goodbye SF

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Hi i just wanted to say goodbye to everyone.
I have made a BIG desicion to change my life and bing part of this forum probably wont help me in that. I have ben finding that reading the posts here has been making me feel worse. So my desision is to try and get rid of the suicidal thoughts and make myself stronger through training with martial arts, maybe going to church as well and pretty much trying o get mysel back in the real world. So this is my last day here. anyone that wants to keep in touch with me can add me on msn or yahoo, i dont use icq much any more

Thankyou everybody for being so supportive of me during my time here but if i wanna get better i have to let go of EVERYTHING to do wih suicide.
Goodbye and goodluck t everyone
Good luck mango. I wish you the best in getting better. I know you will be successful. Stop in and visit us if you want to. You are always welcome back. :hug:


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Good luck Mango...i wish you all the best...many of us have had to take a break for those very reasons...please know we care and we are always here...all the best on your journey...big hugs, Jackie


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Good luck. I thought you were going to write something else when i read the title. But anyway, i think you are making the right decision and take care. People will always be here for you if need them and decide to return.


Good bye and good luck Mango

Hoping it works out for you, be strong and focused you will get to where you desire.

Always here if you wants to look in on us from time to time, but please don't if it will cause you distress, look after yourself first always.


Good luck, Mango. I am glad that you are taking care of yourself and that you want to get better. Best wishes*
just jumped on to tell every one that im doing heaps good!!
I joined a martial arts forum and ive started training again trying to get actie and back into the community!!

I had one set bck today i went to church today and kinda had a bit of anxiety and left ith out tellin anyone bu i had a nice long walk wich made me feel better
and one more thing... If you wanna get better go out and get involved in some kind of club that does karate or a gym or something i know its hard but you gotta force ya self to just get up and do it


I'm glad things are working out for you. Just thought I'd also pop in here and say, "If you wanna get better go out and get involved in some kind of club that does karate or a gym or something i know its hard but you gotta force ya self to just get up and do it" doesn't always work. Certainly it's not having any positive effect on me.


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I dont know you, you were leaving as i arrived, but....hi, you doing anything tonight honey? j/k *ahem* I mean congratulations, you are an inspiration. Take care

grant (TheAM)


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Hey i miss you tons hun but i admire your bravery and all the efforts you are making to get yourself better and i respect your decision that maybe you cant cope with being on here if it triggers you so much when your trying to get better.Please know your alwasys welcome to come back here though,we miss you loads,wish you well,i send heaps of big kath hugs if wanted and even if you are doing wonderfullly if you feel upto it and want to it would be great if you popped in now again to let us now how you are doing! [i understand if you decide not to do that though!].i will think of you often.i dont just say that.As is said abovve you are an inspiration and you were there for me and did a lot for you.Thankyou.Sorry i could not give you much back in return.Take care hun.And i/we are always here.Well done for getting upl,getting out there and i truly hope you find what you are looking for in life!!!

Take care and veyr best wishes
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