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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by unwantedsoul.., Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. I'm sorry everyone i put you guys down and i dont even wanted to show my face cause i hurt alot of people in here and i shouldn't be here anymore. So i just wanted to let you all know that i'm running away from everyone and no one can help me i hope everyone haves good lifes and i hpoe the ppl i hurt can somehow in there hearts forgive me for the cause i done to myself and other ppl here. I met alot of people here that help me through alot of rough emotional pass and i want everyone to know i love and care about them and thanks for everything, Thanks for every thing and i wanted to say sorry to some ppl sorry lifelost pls ii didn't mean to hurt you.... and also gentlady i', sorry for the way i acted toward you and i promise i will never do it again... Jacque I hope somehow you can forgive me. Carloyn...sorry for putting you down. outofpicture sorry...

    Maybe my attempt will work tonight so dont bothering calling me on skype or msn or anything..i really need to do this if i dont then i'm a failure at life and i dont want to be. If i do it then i have some honor in me... :hug: thanks for everything i <3 this site....
  2. Right now i'm drinking some smirnoff cause i'm so fucking lightweighted so i get drunk easyer. I hope i die tonight and i don't care what anyone says and i also wanted to say sorry to ester...I wish i was a better friend and help you out but i'm not.Hell that why i dont even have my real screenname on here and i know no one will find out who this really is unless they know me preety well but i know there not alot of ppl who do know me in that degree all i fucking do is hurt ppl and i can't do a damn thing about it. I gonna drink more and more until 6am (its around 5ish) and then go driving and hopeful i hit something i dont care if i even hurt some one see HOW fucking BAD person I'm. I dont care if i take a life i just want to fucking die... maybe i run off the road or something i dont know and i dont care just i wanna die and get it over with. Maybe i'm mean maybe i just havn't figure it out yet damn i'm so fucking stupid...sorry everyone just please earse me from your life i'm just a pisce of paper sitting on a busy highway waiting to get run over by a car and swoop off to another dimention. Bye and sarahg...sorry and thanks sorry i couldn't help you out....
  3. RainbowChaser

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  4. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Hey there, I'd like to know if you;re ok pls, let us know if you can, anyone who needs support deserves support, I hope you are safe and well and read this and decide to come back and get the support you deserve :hug:
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